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Jul 9

Written by: Diana West
Monday, July 09, 2018 9:56 AM 

In case you missed the news stink bomb amid the last week's Fourth of July fireworks, there is now an active shooter in the building, politically speaking, targeting conservative superstar Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio). Why? Jordan is one of the greatest champions of Swamp exposure in sixty years. He is also co-founder of the House Freedom Caucus, which carries way too much conservative clout in the Congress, and, bonus, God willing, could be the next Speaker of the House. Meanwhile, We, the People, owe much to Jordan's unflinching pursuit of corruption and subversion within the Justice Department and the FBI. Thanks to him and some other few rare stalwarts, Comey, Rosenstein, Strzok, Page, McCabe and other anti-democratic assassins of the republic stand more exposed to the American people than anyone ever dreamed possible. We thought we had everything and everyone buttoned up -- why, look at the craven GOP leadership! These House rebels with the law on their side and the republic's best interests at heart must be dealt with...

The weapon of choice? Jordan is such a good man, it's difficult to find one. So, the Swamp has had to resort to a pasted-together frame-up of someone else, a university athletic department doctor, deceased for thirteen years, lately alleged to have committed sexual misconduct thirty years ago in a state where the statute of limitations on sex crimes is twenty yearsDoubtless, a real court would throw the mess out.

This, however, is the kangaroo court of media opinion -- the Swamp's highest court -- and the political-media defendant, of course, is not the deceased athletic department doctor accused on groping student-wrestlers at Ohio State University in the 1980s; the Swamp's bullseye is on then-assistant wrestling coach Jim Jordan, now accused by some very dodgy witnesses of having ignored student complaints of abuse. Jordan has vehemently denied the charges.

Others are coming to Jordan's defense, including one alumnus of the team and veteran of the Marine Corps who makes it clear he and assistant coach Jordan were not even friendly. That's fine with the Swamp, not that their publications much report it. The point is, evidence, innocence, veracity -- none of that makes any difference in trials by media smears; the charges themselves are all that matter.

New: Six former OSU coaches come out in support of Jordan

Thus, they air them non-stop. They even call for "investigations." However, these are not investigations into crimes against the republic or any person; these are just the usual disinformation campaigns against the republic's best defenders. They take place every time one such diamond rises from the greyness and shines...and the sainted memories of Martin Dies, Joseph McCarthy and other American patriots smeared by the Marxist front heave a collective (but never collectivist) sigh...  

They call for an ethics probe, but what they trigger is character assassination through official channels. Take Norm Eisen, Barack Obama's "ethics chief" and chairman of the Soros-funded group, CREW (a non-profit in the interlocking network of subversion David Brock declared he would raise $40 million for to fight Donald Trump). Today, this son of a Czech Holocaust survivor-mother and Polish father filed an official complaint against Jordan with the Office of Congressional Ethics, seeking an investigation "into whether Jordan is lying about his knowledge of alleged abuse." 

They initiate "independent" investigations but don't be fooled by the expensive suits. These are blooded warriors out for the kill. For example, an "independent" investigation into the dead doctor and the live Congressman is now underway at Perkins Coie, the bigfoot Dem law firm which, among many other things, funneled Democat National Committee/Hillary for America cash into Fusion GPS for that "Steele dossier" trash, which crooked Justice and FBI officials foisted on the FISA court to get warrants to spy on the Trump campaign -- exactly the corruption and conspiracy Jordan and his congressional colleagues are trying to get to the bottom of. 

But even that's not all. The lead lawyer for Perkins Coie's  "independent investigation" is T. Markus Funk, an enthusiast of the International Criminal Court, who was raised in Germany and spent a couple of years in Kosovo for the State Department (2004-2006), before and after working as a federal prosecutor specializing in organized crime in Chicago. No wonder he's now investigating sexual misconduct on campus?

Then again, Funk's boss at the Justice Department was US attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, the master of the frame-up, as we well know from the Scooter Libby story. Read Rep. Louie Gohmert on the subject (including Comey's, Fitzgerald's and Mueller's roles) in the section of his  exceptional and devastating Mueller brief called, "The Framing of Scooter Libby."

Today, Fitzgerald, also a godfather of a Comey child, is a fixture on Comey's legal team, which, of course, Rep. Jim Jordan and his colleagues are undoubtedly keeping very busy and very nervous.

Stay strong, Congressman, and God bless America. We can beat them yet. But remember, this is war.


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