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Jul 25

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, July 25, 2018 2:35 AM 

Good thing I got back from vacation in time for the really important news, the story Drudge, Breitbart, WaPo and NYT are all on the same page about this morning -- or, at least, are all putting forth the same Page One about. The Michael Cohen tape. Big Story. Stop the whatever they're called.  

I have a question. It's the same question I had last week about Trump and Putin in Helsinki. This question is one of the most important ones to ask about any such "news" blasted out by the news media, those special operators of the psychological battlefield, which they drive into every particle of collective American brain with exploding headlines and siren soundbytes. The Michael Cohen tape is the single most important thing for all of us to think about right now .... compared to what?

Compared to nothing, which is the media m.o. Last month is was all Stormy Daniels, all the time. (Who?) Last week, it was "treason!" "impeachable offenses!!" "crimes!!!" committed by Trump at his press conference with Putin in Helsinki. Compared to what?

I don't ask the question lightly. The truly brilliant anti-communist writer Josef Mackiewicz was a biologist by training. (By the way, so is Bukovsky.)  "One of my professors," he wrote in his 1962 book, The Triumph of Provocation, reissued by Yale University Press in 2009, "used to say that only a comparitive science is an exact science; only by comparisons can objective knowledge be gained. All my life I have tried to use this maxim as a guide, since it seems to me to be the only correct method in the assessment of all the truth that is accessible to man."  

We postmoderns feed on a poor diet of "all the news that's fit to print."  Imagine, instead, assessing all the truth that is accessible to man.

This begins, pace Mackeiwicz, with comparisons.

So, let's compare Trump and Putin in Helsinki in 2018 with Roosevelt and Stalin in Yalta in 1945. If it's "treason" that took place in that Helsinki press conference (non-sense), then there exists no comparitive term in our language to convey the scale and depth of FDR's betrayal at Yalta, both in terms of Allied losses and civilizational wreckage during the war itself, and the multi-millions of people soon to be consigned to communist slavery and murder in Europe and China. Directly linked US wars in Korea and Vietnam followed, setting a course of disaster that leads straight to today's nuclearized North Korea.

By comparison, then, "treason at Helsinki" doesn't even rise to the level of non-starter. 

NB: The headline I posted as a graphic at the top of this essay -- Saint McCarthy Clashes with Awful Ike, Denounces Yalta `Treason' " (something like that) -- appeared in 1955, when, thanks to Congressional Republicans, the State Department finally, grudgingly released the minutes and reports of the Yalta conference. That was only more than ten years after the disastrous conference had concluded! As usual, the State Department still tried to put one over We, the People by obscuring and hiding the sinister, leading role at Yalta played by Soviet agent/State Department official Alger Hiss even as agent of Soviet influence/top White House advisor Harry Hopkins lurked nearby ....


Speaking of Hopkins and Yalta, I have some breaking history to share. Below is an item I have never seen reported anywhere before.

While poring over some of Hopkins' papers not long ago, I came across the following entry in Harry Hopkins' 1945 datebook. 

It tells us that at 3 pm, on February 11, 1945, the final day of the Crimean or Yalta Conference, FDR's very closest aide, the all-powerful Hary Hopkins, left the quarters of the American delegation and traveled by car 32 miles to Simferopol. There, Hopkins boarded the Soviet train, where he spent the night. 

Think about that. With all that has been written and said about Yalta, about Roosevelt, about Stalin, about the "betrayal at Yalta," the president's top advisor embarking on a solo trip to the Soviet train immediately after the conference's conclusion escaped notice. 

Here is the datebook entry in detail. I don't know who wrote it.


3:00 - HLH went by car to Simferopol where boarded the Russian train & spent night.

This presents us with a new historical mystery. Why, after seven days of intense "summit" meetings, did Harry Hopkins decide to join the Soviets for one final, very exclusive session? For Auld Lang Syneski? For now, by way of answer, I will recommend my own backgrounder on Hopkins' highly alarming brand of personal Soviet relations, which included aranging secret shipments of Manhattan-Project-embargoed uranium to Stalin and, further, blowing the cover of (good) FBI surveillance on Soviet atomic espionage to the Sovietshere. 

This bedside snapshot further documents Hopkins' Soviet sleepover. I was a little surprised to come across it at the website of Hopkins' alma mater, Grinnell, just as if there was nothing in the slightest bit eyebrow-raising about this Soviet interlude. Was the pic taken before or after his intelligence debrief? I jest, of course. No doubt Hopkins joined the Soviet train after the Yalta conference conclusion because he wanted to get a good night's sleep.

Will we ever know what really happened? Does anyone care?

It seems doubtful that the truth of Hopkins' post-Yalta discussions with Soviet delegation members, possibly including Stalin, will ever become known to us; but it is obvious to me that there are dedicated propagandists whose life mission it is to make sure Americans never figure out who and how and what the communists really did do to us. 

And then there are all those useful fools ....

Solzhenitsyn put it this way: "It is as if the West actually does not want to know the truth until the moment when this knowledge has ceased to be of use."

That said, and very much thanks to Donald Trump, Savior of America First, I don't think we're all the way to that terrible point of extinction. Learning the truth about the past century of our nation's subversion could still become a very powerful weapon.



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