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Aug 7

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, August 07, 2018 3:46 AM 

Yes, if you have not seen it already, you should first watch the interview that these New Zealand pundits (above) are kicking around. Then again, if you are at all familiar with Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux, you already know that their discussion (under discussion) was crisp, bright, factual, thoughtful and sincere. Equipped with brains that have moving parts, they naturally overwhelmed their inert host, Patrick Gower, which Gower freely admits (also above). It was "scary," it was "surreal," he says, to encounter these two sentient and articulate beings, equipped with facts and knowledge, which, we now have proof, thanks to our intrepid duo, are verboten in New Zealand. There is simply no space for them to exist, literally or mentally.

I've watched this New Zealand roundtable several times now -- rubber-necking, really, at the ghastly spectacle of professional journalists smiling and laughing through way through a post mortem on the absence of free speech in their country. This, of course, is not happening in a vaccuum. As monopoly-media-platforms shut down Infowars' Alex Jones, thus setting parameters for the rest, as Julian Assange remains incommunicado, facing rumored US prosecution on espionage for epic work as an Internet publisher, as thoughtcrime and wrongthink are increasingly punished and outlawed, we are deep into a terrible age. What is most terrible of all, however, is how many, many people have been successfully groomed to embrace it.     


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