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Jul 11

Written by: Diana West
Friday, July 11, 2008 1:48 PM 

From Press TV, via Islam in Europe, comes the following headline--and it's not one you read every day (or ever):


Indeed, it's an apt headline, describing a bona fide and boffo story from the Italian news agency Il Tempo reporting that European Affairs Minister Andrea Rochi has actually called for action requiring that "mosque supervisors [in Italy] recognize Israel. Not only that, Rochi said, We must force those who do not recognize Israel to leave the mosques.

Not sure how he'll put that one over, but bravissimo,  Minister Rochi, for the call to action.

But look at the Press TV lead:

Italy may take its discriminatory practices to a new level, calling for measures to make mosque leaders quit unless they recognize Israel.

Italy's discriminatory" practices? Mosque leaders who fail to recognize Israel clearly recognize something else: the absence--the eradication--of Israel. But to Press TV, that's not "discriminatory." It's the pathetic cry of the victim, no doubt.    


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