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Sep 22

Written by: Diana West
Saturday, September 22, 2018 2:35 AM 

A Twitter thread.

The new mantra that we must take Christine Ford and her hazy (drunken?) high school memory of being mauled at a teen house party in early 1980s "seriously" is like something we might have to chant in Mao's re-education camps.

As we now know, Ford came to lawmakers & media in JULY -- ample time to address claims -- but her toxic charges was deployed in 11th hour ambush instead. This is not a "serious" claim. This is political warfare.

Ford offered none of the anchoring details that differentiate a charge from a smear. We are supposed to take "seriously" what amounts to social media graffiti -- no chronology, no place, no time, no memory of how she got there, no contemporaneous witnesses to her distress.

Correction: she offered 1 detail to WaPo. "Each person at the party had one beer" except Kavanaugh & Judge ("heavily intoxicated"). 

This is a Laugh Riot esp next to Ford alma mater yearbooks & their admin-tolerated tales of binge drinking & blacking out on "Holton party scene."

Finally, her cat and mouse game over testifying, vindictively enabled by man-hating Senate wymyn, is The Last Straw. This is not abt "seriously" making a case to the People. This is about manipulation and exploitation of our politics to distract, delay, seize initiative & power.

It is political torture as executed by the Leninists in the Democratic Party, and it is not only directed at the Kavanaugh Family. 

Americans are fair-minded. This is a dirty as it gets. 



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