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Oct 20

Written by: Diana West
Saturday, October 20, 2018 6:20 AM 

Last week was an especially conversational one for me. Here are links to three different interviews in chronological order.

1) This week's Secure Freedom Radio appearance was special because instead of a 8 or 9 minute segment, Frank Gaffney and I extended our conversation over an entire show. 

From the Secure Freedom Radio description:


The nomination and confirmation hearings of Justice Kavanaugh

How cultural Marxism has operated in America 


How cultural Marxists and others plan to fundamentally transform the US

Why the end of WWII informs current events


Are there subversives in our governing institutions?

Describing the “red thread”


The collaboration between the radical left and Islamists

Using the campaign against McCarthy today

Listen or download podcast here.

2) Next, I "reunited" with Audrey Russo, having missed an appearances while away. Listen or download the Audrey Russo segment (31 minutes) here.

3) Finally, I returned to the Hagmann Report for an hour-long Skype interview live (complete with momentary blackout!) with Peter Barry Chowka. Peter took an unusual tack in beginning with my beginning as a way into my work today. We plan to continue this conversation at a later date.

See the video here. 


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