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Dec 4

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, December 04, 2018 6:55 AM 

I will not be providing comprehensive analysis of the Paris riots today; however, as I try to follow events, and the interpretations of events, I am continually nagged internally. Through the smoke and fire, we just can't see everything that appears to be going on -- green carbon/fuel tax riots that have ballooned into a violent movement against the annoying globalist tool Macron. Yes, there is something magical in watching riot police doff their helmets as maskless "yellow jackets" break into a rendition of La Marseillaise. But would these same patriotic singers then turn around and sack the Arc de Triomphe -- and burn and smash everything else they can set fire to and sledgehammer around the most exclusive (expensive) neighborhoods of Paris?

What would the Tea Party do? That is to say, what did the Tea Party do?  

As much as some conservatives are taking delight in the wanton destruction of the French capital by a masked mob, members of which seem all too skilled in arson and police-fighting (hello?), this does not seem to me to be what a conservative or populist or anti-communist or anti-globalist revolution looks like. 

Or demands like. 


Their initial demand was to repeal the green tax on diesel. Now, others want the current minimum wage (about $1,350 per month after taxes) to be raised.

Daily Mail: 

High school students protesting plans to apply academic selection at public universities ... 

As for the taxi drivers, it sounds as if they have come out to protest what sounds like government attempts to salvage a financially foundering socialist healthcare system.   


Through Article 80 of the new law reforming the financing of the social security system, patients could no longer opt for a preferred ambulance provider. Instead, hospitals would receive individual budgets for patient transport.

This could prompt hospitals to opt for less expensive providers, a change that would favour bigger companies and hurt smaller ones that cannot compete in a price war, some ambulance providers say. 

Again, this is a developing story and subject to much needed updates. However, Macron was elected democratically and should be retired democratically -- not by anarchistic (and who knows what other) flames. 

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