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Jan 3

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, January 03, 2019 5:53 AM 

Rather amazing to end 2018 and begin 2019 still talking about "America First," the idea that became a movement eighty years ago, briefly (1940-1941), before extinguishing itself as soon as America entered World War II, following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (instigated, in large part, as a result of complex influence operations run by Moscow in Tokyo and Washington)

But here we are, watching the latest assault on the idea that America, first, has interests and needs that separate from the rest of the world. This idea was completely unexpectedly resurected by Donald Trump in 2016, of course, who breathed life into it for the first time in a big way since 1941. He ignited a counter-revolutionary electorate which put him into the White House to buld a wall, restore American manufacturing lost to "free" trade, and to stop fighiing endless wars for no good American reason  -- in other words, to stop the dissolution of the United States of American in the globalist vortex.

Enter Mitt Romney, who, having won a Utah Senate seat, now sees fit to condemn the patriotism animating Donald Trump and those who made him president as "tribalism," This is clearly his bid to promote himself as the internationalist savior of the "postwar world order" which Trump threatens to demolish, each and every additional day he goes to work in the Oval Office. 

Frank Gaffney and I start the new year right, discussing this here.

My primer on America First (1940-2016), video and text, here.




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