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Jan 30

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, January 30, 2019 6:39 AM 

Kudos to The Daily Caller News Foundation's Andrew Kerr who has teased out the multiple identities of one enemy within -- a self-described Communist and Antifa leader, also founder of Smash Racism DC, variously known as Joseph Alcoff, Jose Martin, Chepe, and various social media handles. As Kerr reported last month, Alcoff/Chepe et al "advocates for the violent overthrow of the government and for the murder of the rich and claims to have international involvement in left-wing movements."

This is huge, but not only because of the individual's revolutionary activities.

As Joseph Alcoff, this same "Chepe"-person was working by day in a "respectable" job at Americans for Financial Reform (AFR),  a Washington, D.C. non-profit that  lobbies members of Congress on the issue of "predatory loans." Andrew Kerr explained: "Meanwhile, in his professional capacity as Alcoff, he’s been quoted in press releases from Democratic Sens. Dianne Feinstein of California and Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin and appeared at an event with Democratic Rep. Don Beyer of Virginia outside the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in March and has been pictured alongside Ohio Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown and California Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters."

Kerr continued: "He has used his Jose Martin identity to make public appearances to promote socialism, once calling for a society without police. But his communist Chepe alias makes his Jose Martin identity seem moderate, using it to advocate for violence to achieve his goal of eliminating capitalism and the U.S. government."

Following the news last month from the Daily Caller that AFR was employing an Antifa Communist revolutionary named "Chepe" under the name of Joseph Alcoff, what did AFR do? Stonewall. Its first reaction was to fudge  Alcoff's identity on its website by removing his last name. After TDC contacted AFR about scrubbing Alcoff's last name, AFR restored it.  For the next six weeks, however, AFR ignored multiple requests for comment from TDC -- until this week. After learning of Alcoff's arrest on multiple felonies, an spox for the non-profit claimed: "As of December, Mr. Alcoff no longer works for AFR."  

Did I mention Alcoff was arrested? TDC reports today: "Alcoff was arrested in Philadelphia on Jan. 10 and charged with multiple felonies, including aggravated assault, ethnic intimidation and terroristic threats, in connection to the Antifa mob attack against two Marines in November."

Further: "TheDCNF’s reporting on Alcoff’s fanatical personas, “Chepe” and “Jose Martin,” and his connection to violent Antifa groups were integral factors leading to his arrest, according to an affidavit filed in his case."


If only that were the end of it .... 

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