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Jul 23

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, July 23, 2008 4:53 AM 

This is the poster officially commemorating the 43rd anniversary of  Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party--the same party Barack Obama, taking a page, of course, from the Bush administration, yesterday rewarded with a visit for its "secular" moderation.

The symbolism in the poster is none too subtle: Israel and the territories known as the Palestinian Authority are draped in their entirety in a Palestinian keffiyeh scarf--to the obvious satisfaction of arch-terrorist Arafat depicted in the middle. Just in case there was any doubt about the nature of the struggle, a Kalishnikov stands at the ready. As the Jerusalem Post reported, the entire emblem "is in violation of Fatah's declared policy, which envisions an independent Palestinian state alongside, and not instead of, Israel."

Did Senator Obama bring this up? Frankly, did George W. Bush or Condoleezza Rice bring this up? For that matter, did Ehud Ohlmert, or even Benjamin Netanyahu, bring this up? The poster was actually unveiled last December and, for all its annihilationist symbolism, never captured political or media attention.

Why not? Such attention might stall the "peace process," of course.




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