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Mar 19

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, March 19, 2019 2:14 AM 

It was an honor being the very first guest on The Hagmann Report's launch into syndication on Christian TV and radio to discuss The Red Thread with Doug and Joe Hagmann (although I guess I pushed the audio, not video, button on joining the show by mistake! Oh well, that's show biz). 

I am also pleased to announce that the audiobook of The Red Thread, which I narrated, is now available at, Amazon, and soon on I-Tunes. 

Ed Klein makes a striking point in the opening of his review of The Red Thread. The bureaucrats and fixers inside the anti-Trump conspiracy are not prepossessing, glittering personalities.They don't make for good television. In their generic dullness, though, they are well cast for taking down a presidency. 

Once upon a time, the bureacrats and fixers inspired by the communist dream of destroying our  constitutional republic for Moscow were just as generic and just as dull as today's anti-Trump conspirators. They' wore suits and went to their offices every day, too. They had secure, even very high government rank, some of them, and long "respectable" careers and academic pedigrees. We only got to know their "red threads" and who they were really working for thanks to two key but also chance defectors: Whittaker Chambers and Elizabeth Bentley.

Think about this: Even now, we have no idea who runs the anti-Trump conspiracy.  



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