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Jul 24

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, July 24, 2008 5:34 AM 

Two perceptive pieces that probe where the rest of the media skim by:

One is by Andy McCarthy, who takes a closer look at the nature of the Iraqi people--and the ally-potential of Iraq--if it is considered good politics in Iraq for Iraqi Prime  Minister Nouri al-Maliki to rail, quietly enough, against a continued US presence in Iraq, while seeking prosecution privileges against US servicemen for "crimes committed by U.S. soldiers against our population," as he told Der Spiegel. I have felt similar  unease for some time.

(And speaking of the Der Spiegel-Maliki interview, how's this for gratitude?

SPIEGEL: In your opinion, which factor has contributed most to bringing calm to the situation in the country?

Maliki: There are many factors, but I see them in the following order. First, there is the political rapprochement we have managed to achieve in central Iraq. This has enabled us, above all, to pull the plug on al-Qaida. Second, there is the progress being made by our security forces. Third, there is the deep sense of abhorrence with which the population has reacted to the atrocities of al-Qaida and the militias. Finally, of course, there is the economic recovery.

Notice anything missing? Hint: It's begins with "Uncle Sam...")

The other is an editorial by IBD, which examines why it is that the Germans are so wild about Obama--German anti-Americanism is a big part of it--and why that is supposed to help a candidate seeking the US presidency....Good question, nein?

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