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May 7

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, May 07, 2019 7:00 AM 

Was just listening to Byron York’s interview with George Papadop.

About 20 minutes in Papadop mentions meeting Mifsud in Italy.

We know that while Mifsud was supposedly “out of sight” last year, he was living in Link Campus, a Roman university "with ties to Western intelligence.” (Rep. Devin Nunes recently said in an interview with Maria Bartiromo that the FBI sponsored training actvities these almost every year.)

Maybe Mifsud wasn’t really out of sight.

Then I remembered an item in The Red Thread about the Institute of International Education, under whose auspices members of the Frankfurt School entered the US as refugees from Nazi Germany, including Paul Tillich, who, with Reinhold Neibuhr, had been a professor of James Comey's thesis advisor, James C. Livingston, at William and Mary.

In Germany, Tillich had taught as a close associate of the Frankfurt School, the notoriously Marxist institution, some of whose members and associates were later linked to the NKVD.(Meanwhile, the co-founder and president of IIE, Stephan Duggan, was also the father of State Department official Lawrence Duggan, later exposed as a Soviet agent. Much of the institute’s 1930s legwork was performed by Edward R. Murrow, then an officer of IIE, later the CBS star and an open antagonist of Sen. Joseph McCarthy.) The institute transplanted hundreds of refugee-academics onto American campuses. Many, such as Tillich and Herbert Marcuse, would inculcate Marxist ideas in generations of college students.

The institute, by the way, is still up and running. On checking its current activities, I found its president, Allan Goodman, on a 2017 panel at a State Department-co-sponsored conference on “Global Ties.” One of the other co- panelists was suspected intelligence agent Joseph Mifsud, a “shadowy” figure in the anti-Trump conspiracy."

My International Education Lightbulb went off. 

Guess whose husband has a career in this international education stuff — ex-FBI anti-Trump conspirator Lisa Page’s!

Page's husband has been i.d.’d as Joseph Burrow. Here is his  LInkedIn page,

As you will see, until December 2017, Burrow was for some years with an outfit called ISEP Study Abroad.

In this story about the Western-intelligence-linked Link Campus, it says:

Link Campus University operates since 1999 as the Italian filiation of the University of Malta.

Malta? Never mind that Buttigieg’s Gramscian Marxist father is from Malta, as is Joseph Mifsud.

The Link Campus University have been introduced to the international academic world through bilateral agreement and cooperation programmes with several universities in different countries as the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Australia. The Link Campus University is also associated with some of the main international university networks as Utrecht, Compostela, Santander and Community of Universities of the Mediterranean. Moreover, it attends to the main research, teaching and exchange programmes of the European Union as MEDA, Socrates and Leonardo. In the United States it is a member of ISEP (International Student Exchange Programme), NAFSA (Association of International Educators) and CIEE (Council for International Education Exchange). Excluding the United Kingdom, it is the oldest member of the Commonwealth University Association.

So, Mifsud's Western-intelligence-linked home away from home, Link Campus, is a member of ISEP, where, according to LinkedIn, ex-FBI official Lisa Page's husband Joseph Burrow used to work.

Whether these items connect they sure seem linked. 

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