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Jul 3

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, July 03, 2019 7:21 AM 

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We have arrived at a point in U.S. history that even our Founders, in their nearly infinite wisdom, may not have foreseen.

Regarding Election 2020, we are faced with the grave question of whether enough Americans remain in the 50 states to go to the polls to affirm the continued existence of the United States of America by voting for Donald Trump.

If the answer is no, if Americans are outnumbered and even surrounded by those animated by an openly anti-America agenda promoted by the Democratic Party, 2020 could be a terrible turning-point of no return.

This tells me it’s here: that pedal-to-the-metal moment, over a century in the making, when our potential survival as a nation-state really does seem to hang in the balance.

This is not because the Democratic Party has suddenly changed course. True to its beating, socialist heart, Democrats have been variously pushing us toward decriminalizing illegal immigration, establishing sanctuary cities and states (why not a sanctuary nation, too?), abolishing private health insurance, confiscating guns from law-abiding citizens, and the like for a very long time. Likewise, their reverential zeal for abortion, infanticide, and sexual psychoses, which they harness like battering rams against religious liberty and traditional morality.

What is markedly different now is that the Party’s mainstream could hardly be more aggressive in its contempt, its animus, for the U.S. Constitution, the flag, the Founding Fathers, the borders, and American citizenship.

The Democratic presidential candidates who have emerged from this hostile camp make this clear every time they speak. Listening to them in their first debates, I finally put it together in the starkest terms: Democrats hate America. Worse, they don’t care who knows it, because it’s a selling point for their anti-American constituencies. With this being the case, how are we not one election away from a phase of openly calculated national destruction?

Whether the Founders ever conceived of such as crisis by ballot box, they did provide us with the necessary protections with their miraculous creation of “checks and balances,” including an array of state’s rights. These protections, however, were wrecked, junked, and dismantled long ago.

Without these protections, our remnant republic could easily be transformed beyond reclamation by any one of the Democrats running for the presidency in 2020 on a revolutionary agenda that hinges on opening both the border and government coffers to whatever part of the world cares to show up and partake.

These men and women running to be the Democratic Party nominee vie with each other to fulfill a communist/globalist dream of erasing the United States and enslaving Americans to power a rage-inspired utopia in which a government of elites will centrally plan economies, hand out world welfare, and strictly police thought and speech.

More than any other, Election 2020 is a high-stakes numbers game. Live free or die? No, Trump 2020 or die.

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