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Jul 15

Written by: Diana West
Monday, July 15, 2019 5:36 AM 

If ever there was a sick society, it is Britain. Eaten from the inside first by Marxism, which collapsed its faith, families and traditions, the nation was then beset by massive Islamic immigration, which introduced new predators into the decaying socialist ecosystem, some of whom would target the weak, English girls, in new and horrific ways. These young girls, who, in this already broken society, always seemed to be on the loose in their high streets and mean streets, became sexual prey in a hideous hunting process we would learn, in horror, was called "grooming." Mainly Muslim "grooming" gangs were pedophile rape gangs, prostitution gangs, drug gangs, umma-imported-mafias of sexual degredation and violence, preying on the English communities in which these immigrants now lived. Is this the "multicultural" design Tony Blair had in mind when he enabled massive immigration from the Third World to change forever the face of England? In any case, it wasn't long before these mainly Muslim grooming gangs were as "English" as kabob shops. 

Blair biographer Tom Bower writes that Blair enforced a code of silence in the government about this overwhelming influx of peoples hostile to the UK, and the Blairite/Brownite/Cameronite/Mayite state followed suit, enforcing a code of silence on the crimes that came with them, including those by these mainly Muslim grooming gangs. As enforcers of this code of silence, all of these successive British governments proved themselves to be in compliance with Islamic laws, blasphemy laws, against criticizing Islam. If it is anything, "multicultural" Britain is sharia-compliant.

This may be a long way to go to get to Tommy Robinson's historic interview, above, which Katie Hopkins conducted during his "long walk" to court and then to prison; however, it has taken us a long way to get here. People forget what it was like to speak one's mind, or just be able to; to fight for what's right or to just not be arrested for doing so, or even to live in an England that was not a surveillance state that had submitted itself to Islamic law. Tommy Robinson has never forgotten any of these things, which is exactly why the British state is punishing him now on a trumped-up charge for which, we learn in the interview, there were not even any sentencing guidelines. Youtube, meanwhile, seems to be scrubbing any and all Tommy Robinson videos.

Watch this one, then, before it's gone. In it, we learn, just in passing, that Tommy turned down a plea deal that might well have saved him from doing prison time in Belmarsh, which is notorious for its jihadist prison population, raising legimitimate concerns that Tommy might be harmed if not murdered while "inside." All he had to do "apologize" to the state. Tommy refused. He knows he is innocent, as he makes plain in this heart-breaking interview; and he preferred to serve his sentence than bend to the state. How many people would put principle over well-being, quite possibly their lives? Not many. Tommy has real courage, which is why, as we hear very clearly in the video, quite dramatically, in the sound of voices chanting his name from the distance, so many, many real British people adore him. 

If you would like to email Tommy while he serves out his sentence, here are instructions from Ezra Levant.




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