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Jul 26

Written by: Diana West
Friday, July 26, 2019 3:50 AM 

Many thanks to Stefan Molyneux for inviting me on his show (watch below) to walk through the epic failure at this week's Mueller hearings on the part of the GOP to nail to the wall the fraudulent basis for the entire Mueller investigation -- for that matter, the fraudulent basis of the entire Trump-Russia deception. I am talking about the Big Lie that Russia hacked the election to help make Donald Trump president. After Robert Mueller's testimonies, this delegitimizing Big Lie stands unquestioned because no GOP member dared to overturn the foundational rock of the anti-Trump conspiracy by asking: Why did the FBI fail to investigate the DNC server that the DNC claimed was attacked by Russia in the summer of 2016? Why did the FBI accept this unverified claim? Why did the Special Counsel?

Even if Mueller had muttered one of his "not in my purviews" (which were absurd), the GOP member could have taken the kill shot to demonstrate to the American people that this "Russian interference in our election" begins in the claim of a DNC contractor, Crowdstrike, which was never verified or even investigated by the FBI or any other government authority, and that everything that follows from this same claim, amplified and sensationalized by the "Steele dossier" claims of another DNC contractor, Fusion GPS, is not just political hackery but disinformation of epic proportions that has created a toxic fantasy world we all have been forced to inhabit. 

No GOP member pulled the plug on this disinformation campaign executed from within the US government against our own presidential election. Why not? Fear of the Deep State? Membership in the Deep State? I don't know the answer. In any case, this corrosive Big Lie stands: Russian hacked the election to help Donald Trump. The DNC claims based in unverified and unverifiable documents have been successfully "laundered" through the DHS, FISA court, DNI, IC, FISA, the "scope memo," the Mueller report, as laid out here, without effective opposition or challenge. 

More on why I am not celebrating the Mueller hearings with Stefan: 

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