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Aug 6

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, August 06, 2019 4:05 AM 

Note to Party Line Disseminators:


In the new, Pavlovian "propaganda climate" that has finally been achieved, not by position papers of our lame Party Line Candidates, but by an anti-immigrant manifesto linked to the El Paso massacre, and, yes, successfully exploited by Party Line Disseminators across the MSM, it is crucial to our mission to replace #MAGA with "white nationalism" and Trump with any of the Party Line Candidates, however pathetic, to maintain the Party Line at all costs and at all times.

Thus, the New York Times is to be severely chastised. NYT, fight on to become worthy again of your prized Duranty Pulitzer! 

Party-Line Dissemintaors on Twitter, your contributions to the glorious anti-America cause are noted. Keep up the good work, especially in suppressing the manifesto's overlap with totalitarian goals currently being put forward by Party Line Candidates, such as universal income, government health care, population control, radical enviromentalism.   



Central Control Committee

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