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Aug 7

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, August 07, 2019 4:05 AM 

I was happy to pick up The Red Thread this week with Marc Bernier, radio host and director of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's President's Speaker Series. Marc actually launched American Betrayal back in 2013 with my debut appearance at the President's Speaker Series to discuss the book. To the newly newsy point, Marc also interviewed Ellen Ratner and former Rep. John LeBoutillier immediately after the 2016 election when Ratner, we recently learned, revealed that Julian Assange had told her personally during a meeting in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London that the DNC emails "were not from the Russians, they were an internal source," meaning they came from inside the Democratic Party. Ratner's late brother Michael Ratner was an attorney for Assange, as well as Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden.  

Ratner did not mention Seth Rich in this public forum, but in a legal filing of July 15, 2019, Ed Butowsky names Ellen Ratner, a longtime friend, as his source of the claim that it was Seth Rich who was responsible for leaking the DNC emails to Wikileaks. According to Butowsky, it was she who prevailed on him to contact the Rich family with this news in the fall of 2016. When Butowsky did so, he claims, the Rich family told him they already knew that Seth and his brother Aaron Rich were involved in the DNC email leak. From the Butowsky lawsuit: "Mr. Rich said he was reluctant to go public with Seth's and Aaron's role in leaking the emails because `we don't want anyone to think our sons were responsible for getting Trump elected.' ”  

Sensational stuff, all of it ignored by the post-modern reporter trained only in ferreting out "conspiracy theories" and "white nationalism." 

Some background from The Post and Email:

Butowsky is suing several law firms and attorneys personally as well as media figures for allegedly disseminating false claims about him, which he said have caused harm to his business, destroyed him financially and placed his family’s safety in jeopardy.  In his interview with The Post & Email, Butowsky said that the catalyst for the amending of the March lawsuit with the new information about Ratner was a July 9, 2019 article by Yahoo! News “chief investigative correspondent” Michael Isikoff titled, “Exclusive: The true origins of the Seth Rich conspiracy theory. A Yahoo News investigation.”

Isikoff began his article, which is accompanied by a six-part podcast, with, “In the summer of 2016, Russian intelligence agents secretly planted a fake report claiming that Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich was gunned down by a squad of assassins working for Hillary Clinton, giving rise to a notorious conspiracy theory that captivated conservative activists and was later promoted from inside President Trump’s White House, a Yahoo News investigation has found.”

Butowsky objects to Isikoff’s alleged characterization of him in the article as a “Russian agent.”

In his interview with Santilli on Tuesday, Butowsky said that despite a pledge to keep Ratner’s involvement “off the record,” Isikoff contacted Ratner about Butowsky’s claim and that Ratner said Butowsky “was lying.”

For the last three years, the mainstream media has worked assiduously to convince the public that the allegation that Rich was involved in the transfer of the emails to WikiLeaks is no more than a “conspiracy theory.”

Remember Trump-Russia? Like so many hard investigative leads, the Seth Rich murder never entered Approved Narrative, except as the whipping boy of conspiracy theory. Ed Butowsky's legal actions unexpectedly threaten Approved Narrative, which, post-Mueller, has changed altogether. Atrocities in El Paso and Dayton have shot American politics down a blackened tube, strobe lights flashing, where anti-America media and Democrats shriek not "racist" -- the sting is gone -- but "white nationalist!" "white nationalist!" "gun control!" "white nationalist!" 

We still need a wall. We still need immigration law enforcement. We still need our President, currently under unceasing and hyper-intense psychological assault. Probably the only semblance of calm to be found in Washington today is in the deep of the Swamp, where Marxist currents continue to drive the anti-Trump conspiracy.

Promises, promises of justice ring increasingly hollow. 

Didn't happen.

Shine on.


Have a little faith? So long as these claims fail to pan out, the nagging sound of the swindle becomes harder to ignore. Time will tell, yes, but at this point, "Trust but verify" gives way to "Show me." Meanwhile, the latest news about "Russian collusion," a.k.a., the anti-Trump conspiracy, is that the morally unfit adulterer and Democratic Party enforcer Peter Strzok is suing the FBI for "unlawful firing." 

Time to go back and pick up The Red Thread: A Search for Ideological Insider the Anti-Trump Conspiracy.


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