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Aug 20

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, August 20, 2019 6:26 AM 

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There is a sinister war underway, a war of mental conditioning, as a new united front of communists, socialists, and liberals in media and politics attack the American mind and soul as something immoral and hateful—something to be reviled as “racist” in every tweet and every news story, and demonized as “white nationalist” over every airwave, all to a point of reflexive consensus in the public square.

The ravages of history bear witness to the heinous results of eerily similar campaigns of public revilement in the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, and other totalitarian echo chambers. Should the tens of millions of Americans today and every day lashed as “racists” and “white nationalists”—that is, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents who support Donald Trump—be worried?

To be honest, it never before occurred to me to pose such a question. After all, this brain-washing-war on the American mind and soul is not new. In fact, it’s over one hundred years old, advanced in a highly organized way on the emergence of communist powers after the Russian Revolution of 1917. These powers have been used to destroy our nation from within by undermining religion and morals, breaking down the family, and subverting the educational system.

While a succession of presidents and generals “went that-away” to fight wars against communist armies everywhere else in the world, a very different kind of army of communists, socialists, and liberals never stopped their “boring from within,” hollowing out and crashing the American mind and soul at home.  After a century of massive, mainly masked communist victories, America languished in a twilight sleep, ignorant and deceived about its approaching expiration, when there was that unexpected call from that unlikely candidate to “build a wall.”

The rest isn’t history, because this last American gasp —“build a wall” and what went with it in President Trump’s counter-revolutionary agenda to restore America as a nation-state—triggered a pitched battle that continues to rage, and will continue to rage all the way to Election Day 2020.

Hence, an ever-intensifying invective against the very existence of the American mind and soul as “racist” and “white nationalist.” What is troubling with regard to the potential for state violence or coercion against this large, relentlessly demonized stratum of America is that the primary source of the invective is not “the street” or “radical fringe,” but the top leaders and most influential figures in the Democratic Party.

What if they win?

It is no exaggeration to observe that Democratic politics today are all about whipping up rage against America: rage against borders, against immigration control; rage against Americans who support borders and immigration control. If it was bad in 2016, it’s out of control today and will worsen tomorrow.

That’s because the spur to this rage is nakedly racial, brutally divisive, and, most important, purposefully so.  As a matter of strategy, Democrats have inverted the national motto, E pluribus unum, to pit many races against “white America,” harnessing the currents of a race-hatred they promulgate to propose “open borders” as the solution, or taxpayer support for aliens by the ten thousand as the means to atone.

Shocking as it may seem, since such policies, even at this late, nearly post-America date, remain a hard sell on a national ticket, the only way for Democrats to lock up one-party rule through the uninterrupted flow of big-government-supporting-aliens is to foment hatred of their own country, from its founding (read: “White America”) to its majority population (read: “White America”).  If that’s not playing with revolutionary fire, what is?

Thus, according to every anti-America Democrat vying for presidential power, the Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan was right all along about the “blue-eyed devils.” “White America,” they tell us each and every day, is “racist.” “White America,” they repeat 24/7, is “white nationalist.” It doesn’t take a whiz kid to see that Democrats believe “White America” is evil, and everyone knows evil must be fought—and eradicated.

The question then becomes, should the cataclysm come upon us and Donald Trump not win re-election, how, in a Democratic administration of a President Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren or Cory Booker et. al., do millions of American patriots not become the new kulaks of Stalin’s USSR, the New Jews of Hitler’s Germany?

It is quite clear that in the Democrats’ cold, hard eyes, it is not only “racist” and “white nationalist” to build a wall, it’s “racist” and “white nationalist” to survive.


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