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Sep 9

Written by: Diana West
Monday, September 09, 2019 8:12 AM 


Returning from several weeks away, I was delighted to find copies of the new Brazilian publication of American Betrayal with a preface by the illustrious author and philosopher Olavo de Carvalho, "one of the primary voices of Brazil's conservative revival," as Jeff Nyquist has written. The books were accompanied by an extremely kind note from the publisher, who writes:

I am sending you two copies of your book American Betrayal translated into Portuguese -- "Traicao Americana: o ataque secreto aos Estados Unidos". I want to thank you so much for all your hard work in order to  ... make it possible for us to see what it intentionally kept hidden from the light.

Prof. Olavo de Carvalho has written the preface of the Brazilian version in which one can read: "Diana West is distinguished from almost all political commentators because she seeks less to defend ideas and proposals than to investigate and understand what happens and what has happened. This gives her modest and unpretentious books and articles the status of true scientific inquiry, shifting the debate from the field of liking and disliking to being and non-being." How precise Prof. de Carvalho is about your skills as a political researcher and writer one can easily verify by reading your precious book. May God bless and reward you for all the good you have done with your writings. 

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