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Oct 1

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, October 01, 2019 4:28 AM 


Writing on the Biden campaign "demand" that networks prohibit Rudy Giuliani from coming on their platforms and making his case for the president, Thomas Lifson, editor of American Thinker, writes:

Trump Derangement Syndrome is causing Democrats to expose their totalitarian impulse.  Taking a lesson from communist tyrants, the Biden campaign outed itself as taking the route of silencing rather than responding to its critics. 

And then:

It revealed for all to see that that the Biden campaign regards the media as allies upon whom it can make demands in the expectation that its wishes will be followed.

Doesn't Lifson remember when the disinformation campaign against American Betrayal regarded American Thinker as an ally upon whom it could make demands in the expectation that its wishes would be followed?

I do.


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