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Oct 2

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, October 02, 2019 6:44 AM 

I can't believe I never noticed this. Then again, it's not as if the business partnership of Robert de Niro and the Agalarovs is widely reported. This partnership between de Niro and the Putin-favored oligarch family is certainly not as widely reported as de Niro's psychotic anti-Trump ravings, which is exactly the point of this commentary.

The fact is, Robert de Niro's rants needs a rating. No, not just a triple-X for the profanity that flows in true Method style -- or in the way of Pavolv's dog -- at the thought of Donald Trump. Robert de Niro needs another kind of rating; a disclaimer -- or, better, a warning.

Warning: This triple-X-rated rant against Donald J. Trump is not only the ravings of an Academy Award wining actor, but also of a business partner of the Agalarovs. 

Yes, those Agalarovs -- the Putin-connected-oligarch-family that set up the meeting at Trump Tower with "Russians for Hillary" and Donald Trump Jr. (More on that to come at some point.) De Niro and the Agalarovs are partners in not one but two Nobu restaurants in Moscow.

I picked up on this and more through this thread by @The_War_Economy_

Funny (not at all) how this is never mentioned. 

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