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Apr 12

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, April 12, 2020 6:06 AM 

I am filing this under Smart Researchers who build brick walls and hit them, blocking avenues of thought and study, categorically dismissing the possibility that there might be something on the other side of the wall. Motivation? Agenda? Ideology? Profit motive? Subversion? Conspiracy? All of the above and more?

Nah, the assassination of Caesar was just dumb luck. 

Julie Kelly's "Time to Sideline False Prophets of Doom" makes the case in less sweeping fashion but "good intentions," "poor planning" are surely tattered placeholders by this advanced, low point.    

Alex Berenson, too, provides a daily reality check on media disinfo; however, he, too, sees only "government failure" behind the crisis.

Here's another entry in the failure of experts, which implicitly takes their good faith on, well, good faith.

A similarly deduced certainty, also independent of proof, stamps Russiagate/Spygate as Made in USA only:


How can they all be so 100 p/c sure? While I am at home exploring the other side of the brick wall, I'm nowhere near as certain of what I am seeing as they are certain of what they are not seeing. The Pavlovian response against entertaining evidence of a subversive (not even secret) agenda that is an existential threat to life and liberty is overwhelming -- and, by the way, self-destructs the strategic sense. It is no longer possible to survive without it.

April 30, 2020

Funny how conservative journalists who love David Horowitz are showing up in this category. He trained them well.



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