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May 4

Written by: Diana West
Monday, May 04, 2020 9:55 AM 

Messaging on Twitter in these corona times is revealing all kinds of new fissures. Take the Twitter account of OANN's Jack Posobiec. Having racked up around 750K followers on Twitter, Posobiec has perplexed some conservatives of late for having come out as an enthusiast for the corona lockdown and for Bill Gates. This is something of a redundancy since Bill Gates is the Big Daddy of Corona Lockdown, at least until the economy is completely dead and the New Vaccine Order begins.

In these same corona times, more tweets in defense of Bill Gates caught my eye -- in this case by David Horowitz. This became a little interesting on learning, also via Twitter, that Horowitz was a mentor of Posobiec.

Like mentor, like mentored?

 Funny that all three of Horowitz's examples of rich men have strong business ties to Red China.

Why would Horowitz be drawn to tweet for Gates?

Is it possible that Horowitz's venture capitalist son Ben, the "Horowitz" in Andreesen Horowitz, has any business deals with Bill Gates?

Bingo! Gates and Andreesen Horowitz collaborate on multiplte projects. 

They back surveillance technology together.

They co-fund "ethical cobalt," an essential component in the lithium batteries that power cell phones and other devices. 

NB: "a16z" is the cool name for Andreesen Horowitz.

Quartz reports:

Kobold, a California-based startup, believes artificial intelligence might make that possible, and it has just bagged funding from Bill Gates-backed Breakthrough Energy Ventures and venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.

Here's still another venture both Gates and Andreesen Horowitz are funding: Apeel, a company that  has introduced a way of extending the shelf life of avocados.

Artificial intelligence, surveillance, lithium batteries + everlasting avocados. If that doesn't lead to world domination, what does? In the meantime, though, it makes David Horowitz and Bill Gates practically family.    



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