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Jun 2

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, June 02, 2020 5:26 AM 


A tweet from @uyghur_groyper alerted me to the eye-catching document above. It is described by @JianRen12 as "Chinese Communist Party's Announcement to support African American Resistance, 1968." 

Not reading a word of Chinese, I can't evaluate it. I can, however, link to a 1968 declaration by Chairman Mao, recently referenced by Cliff Kincaid here, titled, "Support for the Afro-American Struggle Against Violent Repression." The map above looks more like a battle plan of action and it is hard not to see the similarities to a map of American cities finally on fire more than 50 years later.

Now for a possible update on Chinese strategy in action: a video of a rioter in pre-secured Lafayette Square, who, according to @jenniferatntd, who posted it, shows a rioter exhorting other rioters to leave the area while speaking Mandarin Chinese. 

Rioters outside #WhiteHouse. Man says in Mandarin Chinese, "Go, go, hurry up, leave quickly!"

@SecPompeoinvestigate, you need to investigate what kind of a role

#CCP is playing in this when #US and world want to hold CCP responsible for #CCPVirus #pandemic. 

Here is another clip, this one purporting to show three Chinese students who were arrested in Santa Monica after being directed by Chinese consulate to support the CCP by joining the protests. 

How do you say "agent provocateur" in Mandarin? Let's hope the US government is evaluating the possibility that international communist puppetmasters may have some connection to domestic agitators. Historically speaking, they usually do.

This should be a no-brainer, but it's not. We have no feel for the subject; its villains and heroes, its record has been wiped clean. Had our history not been written by communist and pro-communist victors, however, it would tell us that communist operations inside the United States, including foreign-directed communist operations inside the United States, have been a cancer on the American republic for well over a century. Largely, they have remained a hidden cancer, denied and covered up by American sympathizers, assets and dupes inside all of our institutions and organizations.

When evidence linking Moscow and Bejing, Havana and Hanoi, to domestic revolutionaries does emerge, it usually appears long after the relevant revolutionary cycle is over -- if, of course, it appears at all.

Take this 1970 document (below) unearthed by Vladimir Bukovksy from the Moscow archives of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

This 1970 document did not get to the English-speaking public until Judgment in Moscow was published in 2019; it is also here at The Bukovsky Archive. The two-page document is a KGB report to the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU). 

The archive labeled it this way:

KGB to Central Committee. Soviet support for “Black Panthers”, both in USA and through contacts in African countries, as a means of distracting the US administration (2 pp). [Russian: 28 April 1970 – 1128-A] [emphasis added]

Fifty years ago, the KGB informed the CPSU Central Committee:

In recent times the radical negro organization “Black Panthers” has been subjected to harsh repression by the US authorities headed by the FBI, who consider that the “Black Panthers” pose a serious threat to national security. Police provocations and trials of “Black Panthers”, the broad coverage of the terrorist actions of the authorities against the activists of this organization, have resulted in a significant growth of the “Black Panthers'” prestige in progressive circles in the US.

Note both the KGB's support for the Black Panthers against "US authorities," and its understanding that "police provocations and trials" boost Panther prestige with the wider American Left. This same dynamic runs through the decades, connecting black and white radicals in umbrella groups, or even United-Front-style operations, around a Rodney King, a Trayvon Martin, a Michael Brown, Freddy Gray, and now George Floyd, among others.

The KGB goes on to apprise the Central Committee that the American comrades, circa 1970, were trying to influence the Black Panthers and having some success.

In view of the circumstance that the “Black Panthers” are a dynamic negro organization which poses a serious threat to America’s ruling classes, the Communist party of the USA is attempting to influence the organization in the necessary direction. This policy of the CP is already yielding positive results. There is a discernible tendency among the “Black Panthers” to increase cooperation with progressive organizations which are opposed to the existing system in the USA [emphasis added]. 

Recall that communist operative David Horowitz was at this very time himself "cooperating" with the Black Panthers as Ramparts editor and Huey Newton acolyte. None of his voluminous memoirs, to my knowlege, cites Soviet or Communist Party involvement during Horowitz's Panther period. Maybe, despite KGB recommendations to the Central Committee, there just wasn't any.  

Nonetheless, these half-century-old Chinese and Russian documents remind us we've been here before. Today's nation-wide attack on our society, advanced by Black Lives Matters operating in tandem with Antifa, the political children of the Old/New Left insurrectionists, is not new. Nor is the cover and support  provided by media organizations, social media organizations, radicalized millenials, the Democrat Party, and especially Democrat-run cities, states and police departments.  They have all come out again to foment the next stage of a communist-front style revolution. Then as now, our old enemies, certainly in Beijing, support it to an extent still unknown.

What does feel different this time around is the extent to which raw solidarity with the revolution has by now been built into the whole system.  

I'm not sure if the KGB, circa 1970, ever really imagined what we are seeing today. According to irs report, it considered the black radicalism of the day as more or less a thorn in the side of the Nixon administration. Still, it urged "a number of measures" -- that would be Active Measures (disinformation, subversion, etc.) -- to "assist its growth."    

Because the rise of negro protest in the USA will bring definite difficulties to the ruling classes of the USA and will distract the attention of the Nixon administration from pursuing an active foreign policy, we would consider it feasible to implement a number of measures to support this movement and to assist its growth [emphasis added].

Whatever those measures may have been, boy, did they work. 

Not that we know or, for the most part, even imagine what those measures might have been. More amazing still, to this day, we remain blind to the open involvement of domestic communist groups in the current rioting, as well as to these same groups' open support for China, Russia, North Korea and the rest of the old Communist International or Comintern. (Trevor Loudon has the story in his recent op-ed, "Cites Burn, But None Dare Call It Communist Insurrection.") The ommission of these poisonous roots of revolution from virtually all reporting on the rioting is not only absurd but also sinister.

Of course, not everyone is oblivious to the possibilities. Susan Rice, for one, is blaming Russia for the riots -- a possibility I would never dismiss, just not in the scenario conjured by Rice. 

@corpseinarmor explained the apparent paradox in one clear tweet:

Speaking of the hall of mirrors, we never did find out why Obama State Department official for Libya and longtime John Kerry aide Jonathan Winer was on the phone with Alexey Vladimirovich Skosyrev, the "political chief" of the Russian Embassy, on December 23, 2016," as uncovered by Judicial Watch.

Before the riots, before coronavirus, before impeachment, before the special counsel, before Ukraine, before Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels, before Russian collusion, Winer (see The Red Thread) and the Kerry State Department worked closely with Christopher Steele to disseminate the Steele dossier smear -- the perfect "active measure." When Winer was on the phone with Skosyrev, Plan A to take out the president was about to rocket into warp speed.     

Stay alert to all of the possibilities.  


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