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Jun 5

Written by: Diana West
Friday, June 05, 2020 4:03 AM 

It's not every day seven years after publication that a new book review appears, but such was my happy surprise: British Intelligence, a new online magazine, has just published a review of American Betrayal by Mark Gullick in its June 2020 issue.

The editors introduce the review this way:

This is the second of a four-part series, Writing the Resistance, the first of which featured David Horowitz and links naturally to our second subject, American columnist and author Diana West. West is the author of The Death of the Grown-Up, an entertaining elegy at the funeral of Western notions of adulthood, and their replacement with an infantile culture. But here we will look at the book whose claims could change history; American Betrayal.

That's such a very nice introduction that it's easy to overlook the irony of seamlessly following David Horowitz in the series. That is, I've come to expect cavils and caveats in such situations. It would seem that word did not cross the pond that it was David Horowitz who led the book-burners seeking to destroy American Betrayal, but that's all right. Far more important is the editors' sense that the book's "claims could change history." Seven years ago, the late, great Vladimir Bukovsky said that American Betrayal "is one of those books which makes history." Perhaps persevering isn't such a bad idea after all.

Of course, these are not normal times. The revolution to overthrow our republic is pressing so far forward today that efforts to rectify our understanding of our history -- namely, our understanding of what took us down -- seems almost beside the point. Do we still have the luxury of reconsidering our past when in concrete ways the survival of our world is at stake? At the same time, I wonder if there could be another moment when Americans are more receptive to learning how, via stealth and deceptions that were hidden from us, this could have happened to our country. Stay safe, everyone -- which, of course, has nothing to do with wearing a mask. Be armed, be ready, and take care of your families. Locked and loaded, maybe there is still time for a book review.

"New Deal, Same Dealers," stakes out its review-territory this way:

...it is myth, or a series of myths, concerning WW2 that Diana West is aiming to replace with history in 2013’s American Betrayal.

If West’s startling revisionism is anywhere near the historical truth, the book is what Nietzsche wished his writings to be, dynamite...

Read the full review here.



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