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Jun 25

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, June 25, 2020 11:38 AM 

Cathy Wilkerson, one of two survivors of the 1970 Weather Underground bomb-factory explosion in Manhattan, has endorsed Joe Biden for president. Wilkerson is just one of many anti-American and Marxist revolutionaries, erstwhile and current, who have endorsed the Biden campaign. 


Intrepid journalist and Antifa expert Andy Ngo recently posted a "Dear Comrades" statement on Twitter which he identified as having come from CHAZ/CHOP. (See below for complete text.) 

Signed by the "Capitol Hill Occupied Protest Solidarity Project Committee" (CHOPSPC?), the statement announces the conclusion of "the CHOP project." Later comes the real news: CHOP's surreal endorsement of Joe Biden for president -- as if the democratic process was actually their thing -- as well as endorsements for the re-elections of Washington Gov. Inslee and ("despite our occasional differences") Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan.

As Comrades CHOP put it:

Let's not let this revolutionary momentum die. Please remember to continue supprting this kind of revolutionary change we just created by voting for Joe Biden as president of the United States in November ...

"A Vote for Biden is vote for revolutionary change" may not be the slogan Democrats are looking for, but it is the right slogan for the Biden campaign. Besides winning the CHOP nod, Biden has received Bolshevik Bernie "Green New Deal" Sanders' stamp of approval (a vacation house for his vacation house is expected shortly). Further, Biden has also picked up the endorsement of dozens of former members of the Marxist and revolutionary Students for a Democratic Society (SDS).

The SDS endorsement, titled "An Open Letter from Old New Left to the New, New Left," appeared in an April 16, 2020 letter to the editor of The Nation. The "New New Left" here is Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). The "Old New Left" -- the "founders, officers and activists" of SDS -- was exhorting the DSA to join it in their "common effort to unseat" Donald Trump. Marxist radicals of the US unite. 

These public discussions tells us something about the comfort level of all of these Marxist revolutionaries in the American mainstream. Clearly, they consider themselves respectable enough to adorn the campaign of a presumptive Democratic Party nominee. Unless this is some kind of reverse whammy, they seek to do so in order to help him win the White House.

Once upon a time, however, radicals and their endorsements were things that mainstream politicians ran away from; or at least played footsie with when an open endorsement could hurt but quiet support could help. FDR was a master of this game when it came to arms-distancing himself from much-needed Communist Party USA support in his later elections. Biden is unlikely to know what any of this means; however, one wonders how his handlers will handle it. That is, are suburban moms really down for the revolution?

KeyWiki thumbnails many of the SDS-for-Biden signatories here, providing an overview of the Communist Alinskyite Maoist Social Justice networks created and maintained throughout their post-collegiate lives. A few of names still stand out: for example, Sixties historian-apologist Todd Gitlin, Mark "Up Against the Wall Motherf-----" Rudd, and Cathy Wilkerson, who was also a member of the Weather Underground.

Wilkerson, I find, came to fame in April 1970, "naked and grime-covered," acording to the New York Times. The occasion was a bomb explosion in the basement of a Manhattan townhouse owned by Wilkerson's father and stepmother. Wilkerson and her SDS-turned-Weather Underground comrades were using the basement of the home as a factory to manufacture bombs for multiple targets said to inlcude Fort Dix and Columbia's Low Library. The bomb went off in the basement instead. Three Weather members were killed. Two -- Wilkerson and Kathy Boudin -- were able to flee with their lives.

For the next decade, Wilkerson, along with Boudin and other members of the Weather Underground, lived as fugitives. Boudin, more notoriously, would continue in crime, eventually being captured, tried and sentenced for 20 years to life for her role in the deadly robbery of a Brink's truck in 1981 which killed two policemen and a guard. (Boudin was released on parole in 2003. Boudin's husband David Gilbert was sentenced to 75 years for three counts of felony murder committed during a robbery. Their son, Chesa Boudin, is San Francisco District Attorney.) After Wilkerson resurfaced in 1980, she was convicted of illegal possession of dynamite and served 11 months in prison. 

Thus, we have CHOP for Biden, Bernie for Biden, SDS for Biden. How about Bombmakers for Biden?

George HW Bush just had one Willie Horton to drive home his own law and order credentials and Dukakis's lack thereof. I hope the Trump campaign realizes they have political dynamite in Revolutionary Cadres for Biden.



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