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Sep 27

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, September 27, 2020 8:37 AM 


Thanks be for the refuge and refreshment of the countryside from all of the honest-to-goodness "Man Caused Disasters" we are trying to weather and survive. Not so long ago, of course, the Obama-era phrase kicked up limitless derision, at least in our own quarters, because "man caused disasters" was such an unwieldy cover for Islamic jihad against the West. Little did we dream that even greater onslaughts against our liberty and sovereignty, not only as a free country but as free citizens and human beings, would be mobilized against us and weaponized, even from within our own ranks, by elected, confirmed, appointed, background-checked, vetted, respected, quoted, sought after, relied upon existential enemies within. 

From the medical tyrants with the masks to the political tyrants of the lockdowns, 2020 is the year of Man Caused Disasters.  Don't miss getting outside into the autumn to marshall strength for the counter-attack.


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