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Nov 3

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, November 03, 2020 4:10 AM 


Vote Trump as if liberty depends on it because it does.

The relationship between Trump and MAGA is unlike any other bond between president and people that I have witnessed in my lifetime or have read about in books. It is deep and it is intimate. We can be ourselves with him and he can be himself with us. Not that Donald Trump isn't always himself. The genuine article is Trump, regardless of his surroundings or its occupants. He loves us and we love him, and it shows.

Watching the rallies of this final weekend before Election Day online has been a uniquely uplifting experience. There was the improbably colossal size of every rally, which made our eyes goggle and our hearts swell, even as there was that voice inside saying, Take that, Fake News Lowlifes. There was the noisy, packed, party atmosphere, which was a special delight after these cruel months of lockdown life, which, whether we realized it, added novelty to the spectacle. There was the flat-out exhausting number of rallies, four and five a day, criss-crossing key states, from Wisconsin to Florida, with many stops in Michigan and Pennsylvania, none of it phasing the indefatigable, totally "on," president, who has perfected his presidential persona and who made it all look so easy, whether the wind was blasting snowflakes into his face or it was the fifth stop of the day at one o'clock the next morning. 

In this final epic campaign push, Donald Trump reconnected with MAGA, and MAGA reconnected with him. We all of us renewed our vows to fight together to save America. This was what was never supposed to happen in 2020. Locked down, broken, isolated, riot-weary, burnt-out and afraid, the American people were supposed to lose faith in Trump, who, himself was supposed to remain locked down, broken, riot-weary, burnt-out and afraid, and lose faith in himself. That was the only way the Democrats could run against us. That was the strategy of the rolling coup all along.

But Trump held, grew, and broke through, and dramatically so as the campaign closer of this long weekend just past. Trump is a heroic figure, so that is not suprising. What was incredible and rejuvenating about it all, though, was that the People were there to meet him. Not just to vote for him, which they will do today. By the tens of thousands at every stop, Americans came out in freezing weather, at all times of day and night, under red skies and bright lights, because they wanted to be there, to see him, to be with him, and, MAGA magic, to be with each other.

This is the special gift from Donald Trump to America: re-connecting Americans who love this country with each other. That's what makes us stronger than any opponent or enemy.

Re-electing Donald Trump will provide us the space and opportunity to confront and defeat those enemies over the next four years; if, that is, we are good and wise and, of course, plentiful enough to pull it off, bracing ourselves fight for it, when our enemies strike. 

That makes Trump 2020 our last stand. As General Flynn has told us, leave it all on the field.


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