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Nov 7

Written by: Diana West
Saturday, November 07, 2020 8:24 PM 

Electoral map via @DavidJohnWeave

Election News Round-Up 3, November 8, 2020

Previous round-up here.

The electoral map above is the actual news of the day -- the real world events that the messaging propagandists a.k.a. "the media" a.k.a. #FakeNews are concealing from America.

The states that are neither blue nor red represent the states to date in which electoral challenges are pending. Collectively, they represent 94 Electoral College Votes. The Electoral College count from the remaining states with projected and unchallenged results today apportions 227 votes to Joe Biden and 217 votes to Donald Trump.

I was never too hot at headline writing, but something like this gets the point across:

2020 Election Deadlocked over Fraud Claims in 7 Swing States by Trump Campaign


Nation Waits for Election Results as President's Team Heads Into Litigation in Contested States

Fraud Allegations by GOP in Multiple States Send 2020 Election into Overtime

It's kind of fun, actually. Try writing your own. Point is, this electoral map is the rock-solid basis of everything the world needs to know about the status of the 2020 US presidential election as of today, November 8, 2020. 

Add to that another fact: No state, not even states with uncontested results, has certified either candidate as the winner. 

With these two simple facts in mind, consider the media's full-on propaganda:

New York Times: BIDEN BEATS TRUMP Harris the first woman elected vice president.  

Washington Post: Biden and Harris triumph over Trump but president does not concede


See? They have counted every vote down to the last nine and Biden even has "earned" a blue-check just like the Big MediaTwitterati. 

Do you see how fake this is? 

Oh, but there were non-social distancing crowds into the streets (corona?  what corona?), fulsome congrats flowing in to the blue-check "President-elect" from across the Globalist Swamp (including from never-quicker-off-the-mark Low Energy Jeb Bush, Mittens, Justin Trudeau, natch, Boris Johnson and, shockingly, Benjamin Netanyahu, whom I now think of as Judas), and doubtless more. So far, the only foreign leader I have come across who has stated that he is waiting, along with the rest of the world, to see the outcome of the legal challenges, is the president of Mexico. 

In sum, what is occuring is not anything resembling a contest with rules and Constitutional legitimacy. What we are watching, and, I hope, resisting, is a battle for control of our minds, a brain-washing operation on a gigantic scale.

I'll be following up with more election news round-up later today.



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