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Nov 9

Written by: Diana West
Monday, November 09, 2020 3:54 AM 

Election News 4 is here.

It's early Monday morning, six days after President Trump's winning election results were commandeered and superceded by massive dumps of Biden votes. As most people know (unless they are conned into trying to get information out of big media) these dumps arrived in key states  in the dead of night following that unprecedented and irregular "pause" in vote-counting in these same key states, where Trump, of course, was comfortably ahead to a point where even George Stephanopoulos had noticed things were "looking like a replay of  2016."

As former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich noted on Fox News yesterday, "It was almost as though they were coordinating what they were doing."

Who coordinated this multi-state pause in vote-counting? Don't expect the media to find out. Nor the FBI nor Justice Department nor Senate Judiciary Committee -- unless, of course, these core Swamp/insider entities investigate the matter in order to classify the information so the American people remain forever in the dark. 

"The entire deep state has tried to destroy Trump for the past four years," Gingrich pointed out. "We know it now as a fact. We know how hard they worked to undermine him. And I think if you're a typical Trump supporter you regard this as an effort by people on the Left to do every thing they can [to destroy Trump] at every level -- including the news media. The news media is 93 percent anti-Trump. Why would we take seriously the news media anointing Biden? This is not a coronation. We have a legal process. We get to have recounts. We get to verify things. We get to go the court. None of this is over until that entire process has been followed."   

What Newt Gingirch says is true. The presidential election is not a coronation, whether by #FakeNews journalists or any other self-appointed group. The U.S. electoral map remains in flux, pending the conclusion of recounts, audits and multiple legal challenges. Joe Biden is not certified president-elect because the media said so and he agreed, or because deep staters the world over congratulated him; nor should he be treated as president-elect. So say the laws of our land.

Nevertheless, we find ourselves strangers in a media-created fantasy, a giant LARP exercise that is hardly governed by the laws of gravity, let along the laws of our land. Like unwilling non-participants in an enormous FEMA disaster drill, we see around us a coup d'etat in progress. It is being driven by the deep state, put over by the media and big tech, and it depends greatly on winning and holding the battlefield of the American mind.

To that end, brainwashing exercises crowd the nation's front pages. Today, it's "As Biden Plans for Day 1, GOP Navigates Trump's Refusal to Concede" (New York Times). The Washington Post leads off interchangeably: "As the president kept up his conspiratorial allegations of voter fraud without providing any substantiating evidence, Republican officials and allies splintered between nudging him to accept defeat and encouraging him to fight."

You get the idea. But none of this reflects the substance and news being made by Trump team players working and speaking publicly over the weekend, including in Philadelphia where Rudy Giuliani held an important press conference on Saturday, which the media just ignored. As reported here yesterday, the President's legal teams will be going to court in multiple states this week, including in Pennsylvania and Michigan, to present evidence of fraud in their quest to  ensure that only legal votes determine the 2020 election outcome.

Axios reports today that Rep. Doug Collins, "the outgoing congressman who lost to Sen. Kelly Loeffler in a special election to fill former Sen. Johnny Isakson's seat, will be leading the campaign's [Georgia] recount efforts. The team has also redeployed 92 staffers from Florida to Georgia, doubling its group on the ground."

Other recounts are reportedly on track elsewhere, including Wisconsin. Certain state legislatures, including Pennsylvania and Michigan, seek state election audits.

Now this: Following a weekend of much-deserved R & R on the golf course, President Trump will be embarking on a series of voter-fraudbusting MAGA campaign rallies.

You bet it's not over. 

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