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Nov 9

Written by: Diana West
Monday, November 09, 2020 6:26 AM 

Election News 5 is here

L Todd Wood recently interviewed electronic fraud expert Russell Ramsland. In a highlight of his presentation, Ramsland walks viewers through a vivid and unmistakable example of vote-switching in the computer, which took place during live coverage of the 2019 gubernatorial race in Kentucky.

In a 3 card monte nutshell, the Democrat Beshear gains 560 votes just as the Republican Bevin loses 560 votes.  

In this first frame, as Ramsland explains it, the numbers in the gold box, which represent the Clarity voting database updating in real time via Decision Desk, match the numbers in the CNN-created ribbon at the bottom of the screen

But compare the numbers in the gold frame and the ribbon in this next frame. 

In this split second before CNN updates its ribbon, the numbers do not match.

Now you see it (Beshear +560) and now you don't (Bevin -560). Just to underscore, Beshear has gained exactly the same number of votes that Bevin has lost. 

"This is vote-switching in the computer," says Ramsland. 

Shocking and outrageous -- and especially when we recall that Beshear's upset of Bevin was by a margin of only about 5,000 votes.


Moments ago, I saw a video clip of election night coverage pass by on Twitter. Posted by @A_Blossom4USA, it shows a similar phenomenon underway in Pennsylvania. As the reporter (network unknown) cycles through state returns, starting with Pennsylvania and ending with Pennsylvania, Trump's vote decreases and Biden's vote increases by exactly the same amount.

You can watch it here until Twitter censors it.

The first frame (:04) shows Donald Trump with 1,690,589 votes and Joe Biden with 1,252,537. 

The second frame (:41) shows Donald Trump with fewer votes.

Now, Trump has 1,670,631 votes and Biden has 1,272,495.


Trump's vote count has decreased by exactly 19,958 votes while Biden's vote count has increased by exactly 19,958 votes. 

I'd say we have another example of "vote-switching in the computer."

How many more examples of this massive election fraud are there?

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