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Nov 10

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, November 10, 2020 12:08 PM 

Election News 7 is here.

The tweet above is from a US Representative. By "sycophants," she is referring to some among the 71 million Americans who voted to re-elect the President of the United States. "Archiving Trump sycophants" means making a blacklist. "Complicity" implies Trump supporters are guilty of a crime.

This is terroristic language that echoes through bloody history, from the Jacobins to Lenin to the Red Guard to Pol Pot. 

Jonathan Turley writes:

When asked about AOC’s call for a blacklist, Sanders surrogate Nomiki Konst helpfully noted that the first on the list would be people like the former Republicans in the Lincoln Project. She said that those people like George Conway are the “perfect examples” of people to be cancelled despite their work against Trump. That did not take long. After spending millions in support of Biden, Knost and AOC are calling for all such figures to be listed and held “accountable.”

The promise to identify and cancel anyone deemed as “complicit” is all-too-familiar for many faculty and students across the country.  We have been increasing intolerance for dissenting views. What began as compelled silence has become compelled speech where the failure to be sufficiently enthusiastic is deemed evidence of complicity. Indeed, Marymount Manhattan theater arts associate professor Patricia Simon was the subject of a campaign to be fired after appearing to fall asleep briefly during an anti-racist meeting held on Zoom. She was by definition not “woke.”

It appears that lists are being prepared on some campuses. At Harvard, students are calling for the firing of professors who personally hold views deemed unacceptable. Joshua Conde, a Crimson editor pointed to the hiring of two professors Diana Schaub and David Kane who were viewed as critical of the loss of faith and family values in the African-American community. The editorial demanded that Harvard remove any professors who hold “similar unacceptable views” because “The voices of students cannot be ignored any longer.”

Calls for retribution are zinging around the Swamp. 

What is The Trump Accountability Project? Aside from an Orwellian name and sinister website which I think appeared on Election Day, I couldn't say. The phrase "shadowy group" comes to mind, although one outlet inks whatever it is to former DNC press secretary and Obama campaign spokesman Hari Sevugan.


The Western Journal reports:

Politico chief political correspondent Tim Alberta tweeted, “History is going to be absolutely brutal on some of these people.”

Sevugan responded by invoking the Trump Accountability Project. "So is the present. We're launching the Trump Accountability Project to make sure anyone who took a paycheck to help Trump undermine America is held responsible for what they did."

"We're" launching, huh? So who are "we" -- Tutsi or Hutu?

Fox News flagged two other other Democrat aides, Emily Abrams of the Pete Buttigieg campaign and Michael Simon of the Obama 2008 campaign, as having also declared their involvement with this same "Project." 

All of their tweets have since been deleted, but the thuggish effort to coordinate professional and social (so far) retribution against Americans lawfully acting in accord with their basic freedoms of speech and association lives on. 

Look at this:

As un-American as it gets.

No surprise to see the Jennifer Rubin of the Bezos-owned Washington Post among the 2020 blacklisters also. An enthusiast of lists and Rick Wilson's call for "epuration sauvage" (summary execution) against Trump supporters back in 2016, Rubin is still out for blood, whether figuratively speaking no one can say.

J Michael Waller points out:

How about this New York Times contributor? Harboring animosty toward the entire Republican Party, his feels no compunction about expressing thoughts of breaking and burning the GOP, and punishing "those who committed crimes."


Replying to all of this on Twitter, Yoshynory Bustamante warns:

It's not rhetoric. Look for "Tascon List". In my neighbour country, Venezuela, Chavez used signatures from a referendum against him to make a list and then segregate and destroy every single voter who appeared in that list. Food, housing, health, employment...everything denied."

J. Michael Waller replied: "Good point. That's why power-hungry people embrace socialism, so that they take control of all nodes of life and ration them according to political compliance."

Bustamante: "Collectivism, satrapy and corruption are in charge whenever leftists take power. Spain is on the verge of a Civil War. Again. Latin America has been struggling with that even since the October Revolution and the creation of the Komintern."

And forces of coup d'etat in the USA are talking about a "united front."

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