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Nov 18

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, November 18, 2020 6:18 AM 

Mau-mauing the Wayne County Election Board

(Good) Election News 17 is here.

Last night, the news was terrific, huge: Wayne County, Michigan, refused to certify election results whose irregularities included more votes than registered voters.

This morning, I find, the two GOP officials trying to defend the law and the election were mau-mau'ed," Black Lives Matter style, into capitualtion, which is to say hectored and threatened to the point where one heard her own children suddenly introduced into an ad hominem attack by Democrat Abraham Aiyash, who, yes, as this tweet below states, should be arrested for intimidating a US election official. Watch it here.

I've asked "Miss Michigan" to post it on Parler to preserve it. In case it disappears, the clips features Ayash telling Monica Palmer that (by refusing to certify blatant election irregularities) she has chosen "to perpetuate the racist history of this country," and then: "And I want you to think about what that means for your kids..." He then mentions where they "probably" go to school. The slang for this is doxxing, and it invites violence, harm and disruption into the doxxee's life. 

Then there was Ned Staebler, another one of the mau-mauers, who told the GOP holdouts (while they were still holding out) that not only were they racists, that their grandchildren would think of them as Bull Connor, no decency, etc. etc, but they were going to hell.

Now for a couple more items more than reminiscent of the kind of insanity and zeal we read about in accounts of the French Revolution and its many, many bloody successors, especially in the 20th century.

Also, see below for a petitiion to consider signing from Richard Viguerie's Conservative HQ and an email from Eric Metaxes, who, along with Dick Morris, is urging patriots to write letters to Repubican leaders in the state legslatures where so much of this battle to save the legal election of Donald Trump is taking place.  

Who is this wanna-be-Robespierre? Or are we looking at Pol Pot?

Either the People's Soviet is a-borning, or Democrat desperation over their treasonous effort to steal the election has sent them into hysteria beyond measure, aimed, they hope, at further intimidating Trump supporters.

Both, probably.   

More pressure in the unconscionable effort to prevent the president from having legal counsel.

It's pedal to the metal time, that's for sure. The president's case continues to be clear and strong, and increasingly so, and remains the last best hope for preserving our free country. That's why they hate him and us so much. Ours is a Hail Mary strategy, for sure, because with all of the institutions subverted (Justice, FBI, CIA, etc), we are necessarily relying on there existing men and women of honesty and strength still in the judiciary.

As the president often says, we'll have to see what happens. 

Here's something new: Onto Wisconsin.

Now, for the news we can use.

From Richard Viguerie's Conservative HQ:

Can 1 Million Patriots Make A Difference?

Yesterday, in consultation with constitutional lawyers, conservative activists and constitutionalist state legislators we launched a petition to state legislators in states where Democrat election officials are stymying efforts to count only the legal votes cast in the 2020 presidential election.

Read the rest and sign here.

I'll close with the email from Eric Metaxes to his list:

Dear Friends!

I just did an interview with Dick Morris which is posted here, but the MOST important part of it is so important that I will stop at nothing to get this message out. It’s all at the bottom and I’ve made it as easy as possible for you, with all the email addresses and a SAMPLE LETTER.

Dick has DAILY been on the phone with the president, and BOTH of them are convinced that if the votes are counted accurately the president won this election. This is not partisan politics, this is about preserving our form of government. If we cannot trust that our votes are being counted accurately, we have lost the republic!

So here is what Dick and President Trump are asking EVERYONE to do, and what I personally am asking you to do. 

Every American must please write an email — or an actual letter if you like — to each Republican Legislative Leaders (their email info etc. is ALL listed below for you) in GA, PA, WI, MI, and AZ, asking them to INSIST -- which is their Constitutional Duty as you will see below -- that ALL signatures in their states are verified.

I am begging you, dear fellow Americans, to do this one thing for your republic, because our republic depends on it. People have often asked me what can I do to KEEP THE REPUBLIC. You can do this now. Will you?

Please please do this duty now and tell everyone you know to do it. It is not asking very much considering the stakes.

God bless you. 

Eric Metaxas



Contact David Ralston, Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives


Contact Mike Dugan, Georgia Senate Majority Leader




Contact Bryan Cutler (R), Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives


Email Bryan Cutler here:

Contact Jake Corman (R), Pennsylvania Senate Majority Leader


Email Jake Corman here:



Contact Russell Bowers (R), Arizona Speaker of the House of Representatives


Rick Gray Contact (R), Arizona Senate Majority Leader


Email Rick Gray here:



Contact Lee Chatfield (R), Michigan Speaker of the House of Representatives


Contact Mike Shirkey (R), Michigan Senate Majority Leader




Contact Mr. Robin Vos (R), Wisconsin Speaker of the State Assembly


Contact Scott Fitzgerald (R), Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader*


Email Scott Fitzgerald here:

*Scott Fitzgerald was just elected to a Congressional seat on Nov. 3rd. He is still current Senate Majority Leader.

Contact Devin LeMahieu (R), The newly-elected Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader


Email Devin LeMahieu here:


Here is the SAMPLE LETTER you might wish to use! You can cut and past it exactly as it is or you can personalize it with the name of the person to whom you are addressing it, etc.


Dear GOP State Legislative Leader:

Because the U.S. Constitution (Art II Sec 1) provides "that each state shall appoint, in such manner as the legislature thereof may direct, a number of electors, equal to the whole number of senators and representatives to which the state may be entitled in the congress” I am boldly asking you to do your solemn duty toward protecting integrity in this vitally important election by NOT certifying any electors UNTIL your state audits the election results with a full recount, with Republican observers no more than three feet away, and with full verification of signatures and the dates on which the ballots were received.

Our nation now critically depends on you doing your duty to insure that “we the people” are convinced everything has been done to the utmost level of integrity, lest the nation’s citizens lose trust in their most important institutions, and we lose the republic forever. You have a charge to keep and I ask you firmly and humbly please to do your duty in keeping it. 

God bless you.

Your Name Here



OKAY? I hope that helps you get this done! Please do this today or tomorrow! And please tell EVERYONE you know to do the same. It is a small thing to ask when you realize what is at stake, and no matter how this election goes you will know you’ve done all you could. I just did it to every name on the list. Now it’s your turn!

God bless you. 


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