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Nov 19

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, November 19, 2020 12:04 PM 

If you want to know what's going on with the president's legal case against the electronic election heist against the American people, watch this stunning press conference.

If you want to know what your supposed to think is going on with the president's legal case, get a whiff of the garbage rancid media is trying to hurl at the president's legal team. 

Wild-and-baseless was the repetitive messaging of the day.

CNN: "Fact-checking Giuliani and the Trump legal team's wild fact-free press conference" 

Forbes (which is owned by Chinese): "Giuliani's wild press conference debunked"

The Hill: Sasse condemns Giuliani's 'wild press conferences'

Bezos Post: "Giuliani held a news conference Thursday in which he made a number of wild claims

You get the message, literally. B-matter was all about "unhinged," "melt-down," "sweating," "debunked claims" and the foul like.

Having set some truly "wild" algorithms of its own calculated to dump as many viewers as possible as quickly as possible, Fox Newsers, too, continued to line up invitations galore all over the Hamptons with its attacks, not reports, on Team Trump. Kristin Fisher covered herself in blitzer as she told the world that Rudy Giuliani and the hundreds of American who signed affidavits Giuliani holds as witness testimonies were liars, while Dana Perino tappered herself by calling on the notorious Dominion Voting Systems to sue Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell.

Of course, it's not about party invitations, it's about party line. They become one and the same, though. 

Now Tucker Carlson joins the pack in devoting his monologue last night to cast doubt on, of all people, the eminent Sidney Powell, well known for her courage in standing up to (and beating) the Swamp and for always being a straight-shooter. On one level, Tucker betrayed a sense of pique at Powell (even featuring unflattering pictures of her) over her not rushing to turn over her legal evidence to his show before presenting it in court; on another level, he, too, was knocking the Trump legal team's "wild" allegations, a la MSM's message of the day. The more I think about his monologue, the more it strikes me as ad hominem attack, if obliquely so.

The Trump campaign legal team outlined to an obdurately hostile press, deep in its election news blackout for the American people, the most serious charges of fraud against our 2020 election conceivable. The lawyers are and will be arguing these charges according to due process and rules of evidence in courtrooms across the country. Knocking them for not presenting their proofs on TV shows first is, to say the least, not news. It is broadcast static that distracts from the trail leading to the truth, wherever it may lead.    

Here is an impassioned reply from Powell's legal associate Molly McCann's via Twitter, which includes some important backstory. 

I like @TuckerCarlson a lot, and he has one of the best shows on television. But he sounds like a spoiled brat here. I wonder if he recalls his tepid and skeptical attitude toward Lt. General Michael Flynn in the past four years? Because I do. Sidney Powell, came to D.C. and...

..tirelessly battered at the doors of the Department of Justice for over a year, all while posh D.C. mocked her as a crazy and continued to defame a war hero. She pushed through it all. It was Sidney who finally forced the DOJ to start turning over shocking documents; she...

...forced them to reveal details that not only exonerated Flynn but provided critical evidence about the attempted coup against the Trump administration by senior members of the FBI, DOJ, and crtically, Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Michael Flynn, an innocent man and a remarkable..

... patriot, would be doing jail time right now were it not for Sidney Powell’s absolute conviction that he was innocent and that she could and would reveal the truth, come hell or high water. Frankly, had Sidney not come along and Flynn had gone to jail, I don’t think Tucker...

..would have given it a second thought. Now, fresh off that exhausting year and half, Sidney has taken on an even more titanic struggle. She is working to prove that there is systemic, banana republic-like election fraud in our country. She says she has the evidence; she says......

she can’t send it yet…ok. So we have to be a little patient! The million-dollar question isn’t why won’t Sidney (who barely has time to sleep or eat) text Tucker the evidence he wants. The question is why won’t Tucker text her and say, “whenever you are ready, and if you...

..choose, my platform is at your disposal to present your case to the nation, and until then good luck in the fight.” Tucker’s rant at Sidney tonight isn’t journalistic hardball, I might add. This was just petty whining at the best of times, but all the more abrasive and...

..unimpressive given the grave stakes we are facing in this critical period in our history. Give Sidney some time and the benefit of the doubt—she has earned it...

Stop harassing an absolute warrior of a woman, who has already proven herself multiple times over, and do something constructive with your air time, Tucker.


Sidney Powell fires back:



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