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Nov 23

Written by: Diana West
Monday, November 23, 2020 7:08 AM 

Election News 22 is here.

Here are a couple of key primary documents, even if they are only tweets.

Last night, Trump's America was rocked when Jenna Ellis posted the following:


What in tarnation did this mean? The long knife wielders got out in front, salting eager media with anonymously sourced tidbits, "she through," "she's crazy," "even Trump thinks she's crazy," but surely that remains to be seen. Twitter moved in, just happening to take Powell offline for 12 hours, although I think the pause may well have served us all, kind of taken her off the hook for an instantaneous response until she was good and ready.

Here is Sidney Powell's full statement, which General Flynn, among others, retweeted. 


 Jenna Ellis retweeted them both.

Here is a tweet from Steve Cortes, Trump Campaign 2020 Senior Advisor for Strategy:


For the time being, I'm going forward on the assumption that the Trump campaign and Powell remain in working harmony, especially given the various reasons, all of them involving systemic government corruption, delineating their roles makes sense.

The Republican Party, meanwhile, presents another side of betrayal:

A couple of important reminders.

1. Richard VIguerie's Conservative HQ tells us: "Thanksgiving Is Time to #TakeBackNormal

2. James Woods captures the pictures that exposes the Swamp and why they hate Trump.


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