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Nov 24

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, November 24, 2020 6:57 AM 

Election News 23 is here.

"The election was rigged."

That's the first thing Patrick Byrne, founding CEO of, tells Christopher McDonald of The McFiles (watch here).

The second thing Byrnes wants us to know is that he is not speaking as a Trump supporter.

Describing himself as a small-l libertarian, Byrnes explains he's never voted for a Democrat or Republican for president. His focus, indeed, his obsession, is the Constitution -- he has a Ph.D from Stanford on its intellectual history -- and his election computer fraud expertise comes out of his experience as an e-commerce entrepreneur. The two billion dollar e-commerce company he built was never hacked, he points out, which becomes an extra credential in his bona fides for assessing Trump-Biden.

"We've been pouring through data for two weeks," he says, and focusing on five specific cities -- Atlanta, Detroit, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Milwaukee. These were the cities that were used to flip five key states from Trump to Biden.  

"In places where Trump lost by 10,000, there may be 300,000 fake votes for Biden. It isn't even close," Byrne claims.

A lot of us get that. But how does he believe they did it?

Byrnes describes a massive cheating process called "Drop and Roll," which Gateway Pundit has been writing about (scroll down for the Drop and Roll video), and which this "Smoking Gun" analysis by Edward Solomon also seems to get at.

As I understand it, the "drop" is a huge dump of catch-up ballots that suddenly appear after a pause in ballot-counting and to put the losing candidate in the lead. Smaller batches of votes then "roll" in until the end of counting, many of them exhibiting identical winner-loser ratios that would appear to be statistically impossible. 

"Drop and Roll" in Byrnes' words:

At a certain point in the election counting, they basically freeze, and they see how much their candidate is behind.

And then they drop, they shut the [counting] down, they drop a big stack of ballots to get their man up over the guy who's actually winning, and then from then on ... whatever new batch comes in is pre-figured. There's some example where 53 batches in a row -- and this is all revealed on data and charts that will be becoming public tomorrow -- 53 batches in a row come in and every batch measures exactly [the same ratio, Biden/Trump]. And they roll that difference forward until it's over. So, "drop and roll."

That's what they did here. But it was done ... in combination with actual physical ballots and with chicanery within the software.

(Update: Byrne has begun posting his analysis here.) 

Again, as I understand, the actual physical ballots seem to be the "drop" and the chicanery within the software is the "roll."

Byrnes makes other interesting points. Mentioning Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, Byrnes notes that while he's not on the legal teams working to expose election fraud --

A lot of whistleblowers and data have been coming to me and I have a way to pipe it to them.

He also points out that there is legal jeopardy for state officials who certify election fraud (assuming, of course, we enforced actual laws...but if we win this anything's possible):

Any election official who signs certification has personal legal liability. 


At the heart of all this is software that was developed in Venezuela by Hugo Chavez for him to rig his election. It's called Smartmatic. That software from 1997 came into Florida in about 2002, and then in a series of mergers and acquisitions, it has emerged as the core of two of the brands of election machinery out there, one of them being Dominion. And the guts of it includes all this funcitonality and software that was actually from Venezuela to help a dictator rig his elections. That's how crazy this is.

When asked how long the Democrats must have been preparing to steal the 2020 election, Byrnes replies:

...It may turn out this happened in 2012 and cheated Mitt Romney. In 2016, it was supposed to happen. It got shut down, I know who shut it down, somebody blocked it. It was supposed to happen in 2016 and got cut it off so that's why Hillary lost. That's why Hillary didn't feel she had a big need to campaign just like Joe BIden, because they both were told it was rigged.... I know exactly who shut it down in 2016. It didn't get shut down this time.

Was 2018 stolen?

Below the big headlines, we have clear evidence that they are targeting certain congressmen and flipping seats. ...

By the way, there are Republicans in on this. I believe you are going to find two senior Republican officials, at the state level, in two different states, took efforts to get this Dominion software accepted. In one case, on a $100 million contract .... And the Republican who did that, I think it's going to turn out that they got "election insurance," which means they were told if you help this Dominion stuff get in there, we'll fix it so you never get out of office.

There may have been gifts given to family members and such.

But every state that uses Dominion -- and there's twenty-nine of them -- should be investigating who was it that chose to bring this software in. Because even the most cursory due diligence would show we should ot be runing elections on it. 

Here's a tweet from 2020 US GOP House candidate Kimberly Klacik, who describes something that sounds a lot like the kind of "election insurance" (bribe) Byrnes is talking about. Klacik says a whistleblower "is also alleging Gov Larry Hogan guaranteed mail in ballot dump to democrat congressional candidates in exchange for their support duing his 2024 presidential run."


Byrnes concludes by informing viewers about Sidney Powell's website. In order to litigate independently, she needs money, Byrnes explains, adding: "I've put in a lot of money myself." 

Also, if you're in any of those five states, call your state legslators, send them this video. 

Anyone who signs these cert forms now should go to jail. They have no business certifying until they hear the facts.


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