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Dec 2

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, December 02, 2020 4:00 AM 

Election News 29 is here.

Into the breach, William Barr, CIA alias "Robert Johnson," William Safire tag "the Cover-Up General."

Christmas party chatter a couple of years ago pointed to Joseph DiGenova as the godfather of the Barr appointment to the Department of Justice, but whoever urged the appointment on President Trump, Barr has been Trump's worst-nightmare-pick following the unforeseeable Sessions disaster.

But how could he not have been? I am no whiz at prognostication, but when the historical record is written in flashing red warning lights, it's not that hard to predict dangerous shoals lie ahead. So it was with Barr, who early in his life entered into George H.W. Bush political-intelligence orbit and, sources I have confidence in, identify him as serving or believe he served as a dangerous liaison between the CIA and Gov Bill Clinton in the Contra/Arkansas/cocaine 1980s. Ugly stuff ensued.

His tenure as Bush 41 AG is more easily accessible, of course, and vividly spotlighted by the legendary investigative columnist William Safire as a series of Bush-loyal cover-ups; hence his moniker for Barr, "the Cover-Up General."

Should have been a non-starter for Trump, but what did he know about the Swamp? He wasn't from its noxious depths. Whoever steered Barr onto Team Trump was probably a ringer, a double Swamper with the president's ear -- I hope not any longer.

Yesterday, as witnesses speaking to the Michigan legislature and assembled in Virginia by former Kansas Attorney General Phillip Kline were presenting their accounts of systemic, massive, coordinated voter fraud -- on top of similar presentations in Arizona and Pennsylvania, with expert studies and analyses mounting, and numerous court challenges underway in different states and begininng to reach the Supreme Court -- Barr tells the AP: “to date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected [sic] a different outcome in the election.” 

I could really get stuck on a jag here, but better to run the response by the president's legal team:

Of course, Giuliani and Ellis are right to point out that the Department of Swamp Justice has not conducted any semblance of an investigation -- no voting machine audits, no subpoenas, no witnesses they are aware of even being questioned. But an investigation would be deleterious to Barr's real role. As Cover-Up General, his seemingly reckless remarks make perfect sense as a gusher of ice cold water to pour on the bonfires the Trump campaign and many other teams around the nation are lighting up from piles and boxes and truckloads and mountains of fraudulent ballots and computer tabulations. His remarks seem to me to be directly aimed at undermining the already large sector of public opinion that understands Biden stole this election. 

There is a tiny asterisk to report here, which Barr apologists are clinging to. After the story broke, a DOJ spox told CBS that DOJ has not concluded its investigation. Barr had already qualilfied his remarks with "to date," so there was no reason for DOJ to issue such a correction, which in no way called back the story. In Washington, this is called Having it both ways or Speaking with a forked tongue.  

And the damage was done. Or, as I see it, the mission was accomplished. We will see wall-to-wall  coverage of Barr's "no fraud" comment -- and little to no coverage of the evidence of history-changing, nation-wrecking fraud being presented by brave American witnesses. We will hear a crescendo of calls for Trump to concede. After all, William Barr said...

It doesn't matter what he says. It matters what they did.



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