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Dec 3

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, December 03, 2020 7:50 AM 

There is so much raw bulk election news underway, bigger and crazier all the time that I'm going to shoot off spray of Twitter grapeshot to try to cover some of it. 

And speaking of raw bulk election news, I hope everyone has seen and shared as widely as possible the testimony of Jesse Morgan, the truck driver for a subcontractor of USPS who drove as many as 280,000 filled-in mail-in ballots in bulk from New York to Pennsylvania. Morgan gave detailed, straightforward testimony at a election whistleblowers event presented by the Amistad Project ubder former Kansas Attorney General Phillip Kline. 

The President retweeted Morgan's video clip, which you can watch here. 

The Amistad Project on Election Whistleblowers press conference is here

Today, Amistad's Kline tweeted:

Meanwhile, in Michigan, more whistleblowing witnesseswere coming forward this week to reveal the mechanics of #TheBigSteal in Detroit, and in the most dramatic terms.

Watch below as Melissa Corrone, an IT subcontractor for Dominion, explains the personal cost of speaking out.

Meanwhile, in Nevada:

Meanwhile in Minnesota, we can see there were soulless criminals at work, as this affidavit published by UncoverDC shows:

Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania:

Now this:

Then there's yesterday's shock-video out of Georgia -- watch it here -- which even Breitbart decided to cover, I'm guessing to cover themselves. Nothing about it in #FakeNews, as Bo Snerdley notes, and that includes many of its putatively right-leaning outposts. 

Rudy Giuiani writes: “WATCH: Video footage from Georgia shows suitcases filled with ballots pulled from under a table AFTER supervisors told poll workers to leave room and 4 people stayed behind to keep counting votes”  

My own two cents:

Important to note: There is so much more to the Georgia steal than this one clip. Here is as comprehensive a rundown of Georgia "irregularities" as I have seen by Twitter account @Kaneoka: Check it out.

Which brings me to the last bulletin of the day, also about Georgia and the latest rift dividing the right side of the political spectrum but I have decided to post in the next installment of Election News.

How about ending on a positive note? Listen here.

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