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Dec 5

Written by: Diana West
Saturday, December 05, 2020 12:14 PM 

Election News 33 is here.

The spotlight shifts to Georgia.

Evidence of every kind of ballot and voting machine fraud abounds in the Peach State -- including the infamous, statistically nigh impossible post-midnight vote-spike for Biden on receiving 98 percent of a batch of 23,487 votes. Georgia is also where, around the time of this same vote-spike (a statistically baffling phenomenon repeated in the swing states), security cameras recorded four people rolling suitcases out from beneath a table which were filled with ballots that were counted after the Republican poll watchers had been sent home.  

Out of nearly five million votes counted (one cannot say "legally cast") in the state, just 11,779 votes separate Biden from Trump.

Georgia's statehouse and legislature are in Republican hands.

Both of its US Senate seats are up for grabs. Two Republican US Senate candidates, Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, are competing in a special run-off election scheduled for January 5 (which, in fact, might not be necessary if the Novemer 3 fraud is rectified).

Yesterday, December 4, the Trump campaign filed an election contest lawsuit, which "Documents Tens [of] Thousands of illegal Votes included in the GA Presidential Vote Totals Rendering November 3, 2020 Election Results Null and Void; Suit Asks Court to Vacate and Enjoin the Certification of the Election." Read about it here.    

Tonight, December 5, President Trump will hold a rally on behalf of Perdue and Loeffler in Georgia at 7pm. Watch it here.

By rights, Republicans and MAGA, which are not entirely separate groups, should be more united than we have ever been to #StopTheSteal of President Donald J. Trump's magnificent re-election landslide on November 3.

We are not so united. Republicans who are not MAGA have linked arms over the future of the US Senate majority in Georgia, by-passing the grand theft of the White House, just as if it doesn't matter, just as if the President of the United States doesn't matter, just as if the 74 million Americans who gave him a second term don't matter, either.

What does matter to them? Possible answers are painfully dark. 

MAGA who are also Republicans are incandescently enraged over #TheBigSteal and, increasingly, the widespread Republican failure to stand with the President and the People to investigate and arrest the perpetrators of this most blatant election heist in history.

Rudy Giuliani had this to say yesterday (below the white feather) 

A great disappointment, indeed. That said, I am a tiny bit somewhat heartened to learn that just 25 of the 249 Republicans in Congress told the Washington Post that they believe Joe Biden is president. Imagine the eye-rolls and incredulity they had to "withstand"! -- so that's not altogether nothing. More notably, it might also reflect a GOP consensus that President Trump & MAGA will prevail. 

Still, this does not spell the end of MAGA-GOP friction, not by a long shot. The rift has become especially apparent in recent days after pro-Trump superlawyers Lin Wood and Sidney Powell went to Georgia and held a high-rev "Stop the Fraud" rally. Describing some of the fraud that stole the election in states across the nation, the duo also called on Georgia Governor Brian Kemp to call a special session of the state legislature to investigate and rectify the fraud, which both robbed President Trump of his sixteen Georgia electoral votes and promises to rob Georgia voters in any future election, including the upcoming Senate run-off races.

Sidney Powell also discussed some of the evidence that her team has uncovered indicating foreign state actors were also involved in The Big Steal 2020. The very suggestion of foreign influence makes the Establishment, the mainstream, the go-along-get-alongers noticeably churlish and quite hostile  -- which, after both the misdirection of the fake "Trump Russia" election conspiracy in the past four years plus real foreign "influence peddling" scandals in past decades (think Clinton-Gore and China, for example), seems odd. Foreign state actors don't want to influence our elections? Since when?


We've already traced a lot of the money that did this back to China. We have Internet white hat hackers, I think they call them, who saw "back doors" open in the system and saw people in Iran and China and Hong Kong and Serbia and I don't know how many countries having influence in our election system. All of this must come to a screeching halt. ...

We have evidence of everything from people buying votes with checks written from a business on K Street in DC, to ballots being shredded, ballots being manufactured, ballots coming across the border from Mexico that are counterfeit -- a plane full of ballots that came in -- ballots distributed across state lines after being faked. I mean, there is no kind of voter fraud that hasn't been experienced this year across the country. Yeah, Georgia was absolutely full of it, [rife?] with voter fraud but so are other states, including North Carolina and Virginia. Pennsylvania went solid for trump yet they're still [inaudible].

Checks written from a business on K Street? Ballots coming from Mexico? A plane full of ballots? Wouldn't you think media would be asking for more information? Nah.

She continued: 

So we need to flood the legislators here in Georgia and the governor and the secretary of state with phone calls and letters. ... I know everybody feels like they're not being listened to and that's just not right. This is this is your state and your country and they need to remember they work for you."

This is the ultimate sin of MAGA, and any champion who fights to ensure its will be done: Returning power to the people.   

It is Lin Wood, however, who drew the most fire here (Tucker already took care of Sidney a week or so ago). His sin came in the form of comments exhorting Georgia's political officials and citizens alike not to permit Georgia's dirty morass to remain business as usual: namely, not to conduct another fraudulent and untrustable election, and not to vote in one. Calling out the two GOP candidates, Perdue and Loeffler, for not appearing on the Stop the Fraud stage -- and quite right -- Wood said that unless they do what it takes to urge the state government to fix the mess (for the sake of both November 3rd and January 5th is the implication) these two Republicans would not deserve Georgia's citizens' votes.

You would have thought Lin Wood stole the presidential election himself, the wrath that has come down on him is so intense.

Not that the GOP establishment seems to care who stole the presidential election, or that it was stolen. What seems to be going on here is an ugly struggle by the GOP establishment to "save" and wall itself off from MAGA, and thereby from President Trump, in its effort to "hold the Senate" for the undrained Swamp; to ensure that a GOP majority under Mitch McConnell will be able to work together with the Fraud-elect Biden (as Sen. Perdue told the Washington Post), and to dispense with all of our existentially dangerous notions of exposing the corruption that corrodes Republicans just as much as it corrodes Democrats, the media Left and Right, Big Tech, corporate America, all of which maintain political control over our lives by what we call the Deep State.

Trump was is and remains their worst enemy.

How will he contend with all of this in Georgia this evening?


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