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Dec 9

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, December 09, 2020 9:38 AM 

Election News 34 is here.

Earlier this week, a commentator emailed a short list of miitary and politicos a link to a new piece. I knew a few of the people, recognized names of some and didn't know others.

What drew my attention, however, was not the oped, but a comment that one person emailed to the list. Let's call him "Bob."

Bob wrote:

Good & provocative read. I don’t necessarily agree with everything  said but I am relieved! What I mean is that I am delighted to note that things are normalizing by returning to pre Trump administration partisan, but “ civilized” rhetoric! 

I didn't know Bob. I don't usually spend a lot of time of such email lists. The more I thought about what he was saying, the more I knew I had to say something back. 

What follows is our exchange.

Dear Bob,

I don’t know you or how I ended up on this e-list but let me tell you that if the systemic criminal corruption that has stolen the right to self-determination of 74 million Americans who cast legal votes to return President Trump to office in a landslide is not exposed, rectified, its perpetrators, all of them, prosecuted, punished swiftly and without mercy, nothing will ever “normalize” in America again. Ever. Over and done.

Diana West

Bob replied to me privately.

Hi Diana. I’m a bit confused. 80 million American voted the other way. Are you saying that those votes are fraudulent? I apologize if I misunderstood you comment.



Sarcasm aside, Bob presented a challenge. What to say not just to Bob but to friends and neighbors whose only sources of news are repeating the message Bob is parroting day and night.

Here's how I answered his question about whether I was saying Biden votes were fraudulent.

Dear Bob,

Maybe your answers to these questions will help clear up your confusion.

Are ballots illegally backdated by postal workers on orders from their bosses fraudulent votes? 

Are vote tabulations conducted in secret by forceful violation of laws that mandate the presence of Republican poll challengers fraudulent votes? 

Do you have any questions about the legality of hundreds of thousands of filled-in mail-in ballots trucked from New York to Pennsylvania? 

How about mathematically absurd 98 p/c Biden vote spikes — vote-spikes that followed still unexplained "pauses" in swing state vote-counting on election night? There were also Biden vote spikes of such volume, as in Michigan, as to be physically impossible given time/equipment. Any concerns about that?  

What is your stance on ballot-stuffing captured on videotape — or hundreds of sworn affidavits about all manner of fraud? Do you believe fractional vote tallies reflect one man-one legal vote? How about 150 - 200 percent votes over registered voters? Do you believe mail in voters who listed their address as a post office are AOK legal votes? 

These question barely scratch the surface of the horrendous fraud that stole Trump’s legal vote landslide — and I haven’t even mentioned the issues around Dominion. But consider the metrics of the election itself. Would a man who won 80 million votes also lose 18/19 bellwether counties? Would he win a record low number of counties generally? Would be underperform Hillary Clinton everywhere but in the swing state counties where he absolutely had to do well (and after voting was “paused")? Would this supposedly largest vote-getter ever also have no coattails — no Blue Wave? By contrast, of course, the GOP won every toss-up seat 20/20 in the House, flipped a couple of state legislatures and made other notable gains. 

If none of this shakes you to your American core I have no more to say.


His reply:

Diana: though I worked in government for 15 years those questions are above my pay grade. What is obvious to me is that you are indicating that many thousands engaged in a massive, monumental conspiracy and broke  the law so Trump would lose? C’mon, Not one bit of proof except a Gulliani  paid (disproved) embarrassing actress. Perhaps you have proof to answer your questions? No one else seems to. The courts threw out 35 plus Trump generated cases related to those unfounded claims. I believe the courts over right wing conspiracy propaganda talkers. There is just no proof, just false innuendo. I was an NIH MD staff scientist and PROOF is what we accepted, not fake rhetoric from anyone, no matter how high up. 

Prior to 2016 Trump repeatedly claimed the 2016 election was rigged against him. He won, was it still rigged? He lost the popular vote by 2 plus million but won the College. I accept that. Many feel the Electoral College is a dinosaur and should be dismantled. In any event he won. This time Trump lost both the popular vote, and the EC, by a large margin. Should we simply ignore those results and say he won? Only dictators act that way.   

Diana, open you eyes, throw the kool Aide away, and accept the democratic process.


Of course, I did have more to say.  

Dear Bob

None of these questions are above any American’s pay grade, and I can source every item I mentioned.

None of these sources are "a Gulliani paid (disproved) embarrassing actress” — whatever that means. 

Here is a sample of supporting testimony & analysis by Americans ranging from the expert to the everyday. 

I hope you take this matter of our election seriously enough to review it.  

1) Watch USPS contract truck driver Jesse Morgan talk about the day he was told to haul as many as 280K filled in ballots from NY to PA.

2) Watch former Michigan state senator and aerospace engineer Patrick Colbeck talk about the breaks in the chain of custody of vote tallies in Detroit, where he was one of many official poll challengers who were physically barred from viewing vote counting. Official GOP poll challengers were routinely blocked, ejected, barred from doing their job in the key county/big cities.

3) Scott Adams ("Dilbert") argues that these elections are invalid where they were "non-transparent by force.” Watch his short video to see for yourself the shocking images of poll watchers being prevented from doing their job that MSM will not show you. 

4) Watch Trump lawyer walk through the video of suitcases of ballots being pulled out after poll watchers, media told to leave/ballot stuffing in Georgia captured on video:

5) No, it has not been debunked:

6) Here is a discussion of the impossible Biden national metrics by Patrick Basham at the Spectator

7) You can watch Basham here

That’s just a tiny fraction of what has come out to date about the ballot fraud/election fraud that took place most notoriously but not exclusively in the big Democratic machine cities in the swing states Trump was winning when the vote-counting “paused." 

If you are game to watch/read these links, I would be curious to hear how they affected your understanding of what has happened to our country since November 3.


Did he read -- watch -- any of these links? Of course not! Here's his reply.

Diana: what shakes me to the core is the incredible disbelief that Biden won ...

Clearly, I failed to make a dent in Bob's worldview, but maybe these links will be of use to others. 

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