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Aug 13

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, August 13, 2008 6:06 PM 

What does "Sprogbrug og Terrorbekæmpelse" mean in Danish?

"Self-Censorship as Dhimmitude."

Well, that's the loose translation. Literally, it means "Language Use and Fighting Terrorism," which is the title of another one of those suggested language guides that seek to divorce  words from reality. Problem is, this one is issued by the Danish Security Service, PET, which, Islam in Europe reports, is proposing that the Danish government refrain from using the words "war against terror" and "Jihad."

More from Islam in Europe:

In an eight page report the language use PET recommends that the authorities choose their words with care in order to deescalate the conflict between the West and the Muslim world.

Besides refraining from using the phrase "war against terror" PET recommends to refrain from speaking of Muslims as a population group related to terror and extremism.  Other expression to refrain from using are "jihad", "holy war", "Islamism", "fundamentalism" or "mujahedines".

The suggestions from PET's Center for Terror Analysis (CTA) are intended to ensure that the world's Muslims don't feel suspected of being terrorists and that PET doesn't encourage Muslims by adopting their own terms, like Jihad.

PET suggests that authorities don't use the term "Islamist terrorist" and instead use just 'terrorist'.  Other terms suggested by the report are "extremist", "militant" and "violent"

The head of PET's department for preventing security, Anja Dalgaard-Nielsen, says that this isn't an issue of political correctness but of ensuring a use of language that is as precise and objective as possible.  Terrorists don't just engage in a violent war but also in a war of words, of a specific outlook on the world.

The report, titled "Language Use and Fighting Terrorism (Sprogbrug og Terrorbekæmpelse) advises in general against tying Islam and terrorism together, since the typical person doesn't differentiate between Islam the religion and Islamism the political ideology.

What a coincidence--neither does Islam!



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