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Dec 21

Written by: Diana West
Monday, December 21, 2020 6:58 AM 

Election News 44 is here.

A lot of force movement over the past few weekend days.

The President finally put together an Oval Office war council including Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Gen. Flynn, Patrick Byrne. The Swamp was there, too, in the guise of White House lawyers, who are suspected of leaking fake news about the powow to FakeNews, but the fact that Trump is being extensively briefed by such patriots is a huge plus for the American People, including him.

Smartmatic unleased its legal dogs upon Sidney Powell and the few news outlets reporting on her allegations and related election fraud evidence: Fox News, Fox Business, One American News Network (OANN), NewsmaxTV and Epoch Times.

I had begun wondering why I wasn't seeing Sidney Powell return to the Lou Dobbs show after he invited her to return to the show with an unlimited amount of time to present whatever evidence she wanted to put before the American people. At first, I figured she was just pulling together a major presenation for us. But no. 

Epoch Times has the story today.

Fox aired what had the marking of a retraction in a segment anchored by Lou Dobbs on Friday and was expected to run it repeatedly over the weekend on several other Fox News Channel programs.

I just watched the segment and it is not a retraction by any stretch. It is a canned interview run by an anonymous off-camera interviewer purporting to quiz "expert" Eddie Perez with a series of questions dancing around the rap on Smartmatic. Perez repeatedly says he's "not aware" of this, that and the other thing, which Fox broadcast on the Dobbs, Bartiromo, and Pirro shows over the weekend. 

Sidney Powell, too, came under Smartmatic legal pressue to retract her claims, many of which were made on the shows mentioned above. What did she do? She hired Lin Wood.

Here's Wood's response:

I feel far more confident about Sidney's case than I do about her return to Fox.

But who cares?

At this point, a series of nation-wide billboards would do a lot more good than #FakeNews.

A couple of suggested images to work with taken off of Twitter. 

Here is another powerful theme, one that conveys the shockingly simple math of #TheBigSteal. It comes via Bill Binney, former NSA tech director and whistleblower. Binney tweeted:

With 212 Million registered voters and 66.2% voting,140.344 M voted.

Now if Trump got 74 M, that leaves only 66.344 M for Biden. These numbers don’t add up to what we are being told. Lies and more Lies! 

If that doesn't say it all, it says that Biden's "victory" is a very big lie.


Although related, the following is isn't exactly on point but it's a picture worth including for its high-treason and historic value for featuring Senate Intelligence Committee chairwomenperson Feinstein in a photo with at least two CCP spies (don't know who man in light tie is).

She still is a US Senator in what passes for good standing, as if California Dem Rep Eric Swlawell, whose honeypot is also in the picture,


I was recently asked by someone on an email list what next steps I would take to establish Trump's re-election victory. I had just stated that I thought talk of martial law, re-run elections, and the like was ill-advised, explaining:

I think this is ill-advised for many reasons. One, I bristle as an American at martial law, which is already coming upon us from the totalitarian direction of Covid 1984.  

Another big reason for me has to do with what the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan exposed -- the ideological zealotry (hard Left)  at the top of US military, exemplified by Mattis, McRaven, McChrystal, Petraeus, and on and on. I have no reason to suppose that these commanders (Mattis et al) did not simply replicate themselves, all the while good men bailed out or were not promoted.

I think those who would be implementing martial anything could easily turn around and clap Trump in irons, as the Mattis cabal has more than  hinted.

"What would you do instead?" was the logical next question. Here's what I wrote in response.

Ok, I’ll give it a shot. Here goes.

We already won the election and it is being stolen from us. We have truly heroic legal teams and political efforts to support still underway in the states, evidence mounting to skies, and so many statutes broken in the contested states that international election observers would have declared them rigged long ago. 

But Trump’s most powerful ally is also his only powerful ally — MAGA, the 74 million Americans (at least) who voted for him. We are the key to this whole thing, if there is to be a key.

At this moment, the main leverage MAGA has is elected GOP in states & US Congress.

We can’t count on courts, press, or, as noted, the military (which I also think could be dangerous for Trump). We don’t know how far the state legislatures or US Congress will go to right the fraud.

The immediate point of mobilization ahead  is January 6 -- when Congress meets in a joint session to count electoral votes with the opportunity to challenge, thanks to those extraordinary six or seven state slates of Trump electors.

Rather than introducing military into the crisis at this point, I think January 6 is where all of MAGA should be massing to unify, a la D-Day, raising hell at every single GOP member in House & Senate to compel them to do their duty for this country in January 6 Joint Session — or else face painful, immediate political death for themselves and their party. Melting down switchboards, emails, federal and state offices, etc. to force the GOP to stand up and support the president must be continuous and extraordinary.

MAGA must stay angry and engaged at every level. We need an escalating PR campaign from Trump, Trump campaign and allied groups. Creatives can go wild putting short term blitz together, which could well be prevented from making conventional media buys by media censorship — so it would certainly  have to include rallies, demos, deploying surrogates around the country — using those stadium screens that Trump always talks about as being expensive in arenas to educate people since media, social media suppressing the facts.

The truly wonderful news to come out of the election is that despite all of these years of media/Left/NeverTrump brainwashing, the USA is Trump country. We are the political majority. I guess what I’m struggling to visualize a way to deploy the people to save the Republic.


Put that on a billboard, too:

January 6 is MAGA's D-Day.



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