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Dec 29

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, December 29, 2020 6:20 AM 

Election News 47 is here.


At this point in press censorship of The Big Steal, we have to grateful that Tom Fitton is given airtime to make our case. But what is Gregg Jarrett's problem?


Consider the similarities between the Obama document fraud and his constiutional ineligibility for the presidency, and the Biden election fraud and the unconstitutional conduct of key state elections.     

In the simplest terms, omitting much:

1) Barack Obama would not have become president without one fake document, which news media the political stratum protected at all costs. Nor would Obama have become president if the Constitution's eligibility requirements had been adhered to. (See "Remember When Obama Wouldn't Show ID?")

2) Joe Biden would not be called president-elect without millions of fake documents, which the media and political stratum are protecting at all costs. Biden should never be certified as the winner of the presidential election due to the Constitution's election requirements.

There is much more to say about all of this, but a straight line of crime through the layers of corruption is clear.


Lawsuits and document files dropped like packages down the chimney throughout this past Christmas week.

Here is one from the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society:

Press release plus all of the case links here.


As discussed by Tom Fitton, Louie Gohmert et al have also filed a complaint.

The Texas Republican said in a statement:

We continue to hold out hope that there is a federal judge who understands that the fraud that stole this election will mean the end of our republic, and this suit would insure that the Vice-President will only accept electors legitimately and legally elected. There must be an opportunity for a day in court when fraud was this prevalent.

It is for this reason that I and other plaintiffs have filed a complaint for expedited declaratory and emergency injunctive relief to seek judgement from the court on the Vice President's authority when presiding over the Senate during the Joint Session of Congress. We are asking the court to uphold the powers laid out in the United States Constitution which grant the Vice President the exclusive authority and sole discretion in determining which electoral votes to count. As outlined in the filing, the Electoral Count Act is unconstitutional because it directs Vice President Pence to legitimize electoral votes in violation of the Electors Clause and limits or eliminates his Twelfth Amendment authority to determine which slates of electors should be counted and which, if any, may not be counted.  This is fundamental because no statute can constitutionally supply rules to the extent that such statute violates the U.S. Constitution.  

Read the lawsuit here.


From John Mills, some links:

This is how ballot harvesting is really done

Were ballots flown in from China?


SOS from President Trump while being held hostage on Twitter this am:

“A group of Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania say 200,000 more votes were counted in the 2020 Election than voters (100% went to Biden). State Representative Frank Ryan said they found troubling discrepancies after an analysis of Election Day data.” 

This is far...........more votes than is needed by me to win Pennsylvania, not to mention hundreds of thousands of votes in other categories which increase my already big lead into a landslide. All other Swing States show likewise. WE NEED NEW & ENERGETIC REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP. This can not stand..

Can you imagine if the Republicans stole a Presidential Election from the Democrats - All hell would break out. Republican leadership only wants the path of least resistance. Our leaders (not me, of course!) are pathetic. They only know how to lose! P.S. I got MANY Senators...

..and Congressmen/Congresswomen Elected. I do believe they forgot!


They didn't forget, Sir, and we will remember that.


All eyes on Pence. All eyes on the courts. All eyes on the Congress. All eyes on the states. Is there a single honest official in politics left in America?






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