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Written by: Diana West
Friday, January 01, 2021 7:13 AM 

Customarily, when we say goodbye to a year by remembering its signal events, we can cite the news of the previous 365 days as recorded, however imperfectly, by news groups and organizations.

Of course, these reports can be hasty, inadequate, biased or wrong; but they usually contain some vital kernels of information. Even the misinformation -- even the disinformation -- can be instructive. A key quotation, an incident in passing, the eye-witness account -- all of it makes up a larger record that may be compared to other records and judged in the clearer light of many days.

I've written many year-enders over my career. For example, at the end of 2009, I wrote a three column appraisal of "the surge" in Iraq. I took a quick look at it this morning, so I don't know how it stands up (I mainly recall that it enraged Powerline), but note that it's sourcing is BBC, New York Times, Asia Times, etc. 

To take another example, in December 2012, I wrote a year-ender (wishfully) entitled "The Scandal of 2013," about the unconscionable attitudes of our civilian and military leaders in 2012 who regarded the spiking murders of our men by our Muslim "allies" inside the wire as a normal cost of war-making. Again, my sources were Huffpost and Voice of America. In December 2013, I see another piece about Afghanistan ("Goodbe to All That -- Let's Hope"), which piggybacks onto Washington Post reporting.

What I am describing, of course, is in no way limited to annual summations. However, in taking stock just now, at this point of the dagger, I am deeply struck by the near-total absence of a journalistic record to reflect or comment on from the last two months of 2020 when it comes to the very most momentous story of our lives and even the life of our nation: Donald Trump's stolen re-election and his and our epic fight to reclaim it.

There is a wonderful Polish philosopher whose name I am blanking on and whose book I cannot lay my hands on who writes on the illuminating necessity and necessary illumination of making comparisons to gain knowledge and understanding. This reenforces my own natural reflex to seek historical lines, parrallels and echoes in just about everything I look at -- often a frustration given the limits of my knowledge base. Still, I look, often playing catch-up as catch-up can.

I have been looking for a clear comparison to the 99 and 99/100ths pure news blackout on 2020 election fraud, which, as I have posted, extends from practically every outlet from the right side of the news media spectrum to the left, and includes everything positioned in between. 

There is no Washington Times, circa 1980s Washington, DC, hammering election fraud story daily, along amid bigfoot media. There is no Fox News, circa 2000s, presenting a pro-American storyline at least (caveats aside). Breitbart, too, is AWOL. Yes, there are still commentators with fight in them, for example, at Newsmax TV (Greg Kelly, Grant Stinchfield); and yes, there are the good folks at rising star One America News. But especially in terms of the written word, which, even in our visual and online day, is the lasting record, the election fraud news blackout is dark as pitch. One stellar exception is the website Gateway Pundit, which deserves a medal for its punchy daily election fraud story spread put together by what I assume is a very small staff.

That said, it is not at all difficult  to find information and primary sources on election fraud across the nation. It is everywhere. It is happening in real time, every day, continually amassing itself in the massive case filings from the president's many advocates, starting with his campaign legal team led by Rudy Giuliani, Defending the Republic's Sidney Powell, Amistad Project's Philip Kline, and many others. It is entering the records of many state legislatures, where hearings continue to expose the shocking mechanics of this heinous theft of our nation's right to self-determiniation; it has piled up in the hundreds if not thousands of sworn affidavits of patriots from election workers and observers to IT workers to truck drivers to mailmen to military and computer security experts, and more. Twitter sources and podcasts, too, are brimming with information and analysis on all of the above. 

And the news media, they say nuffin.

Or worse than nothing, the news media say election fraud "claims" are "discredited" and "conspiracy theory." 

Where in history can we look for an instructive comparison and, one would hope, a solution? Although we now all relate better to censorship imposed by totalitarian regimes, the comparison is not perfect, given our system of governance.

Maybe a comparison may be made with the Ukraine Terror Famine and Walter Duranty who reported to New York Times readers that there was no famine in Ukraine in the early 1930s, only deaths related to malnutrition. That's no good either because even Duranty's mendacious and amoral account (you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs, he wrote) conveyed the reality of death by hunger to readers, even if he was absolving Stalin and the Bolshevik regime of guilt. Plus, his account was augmented by more accurate accounts of the day. The Roosevelt administration chose to ignore the facts and "normalize" relations with the Kremlin -- but it was their choice. This is discussed in American Betrayal.    

I have thought about what Orwell and Koestler believed about the disappearance of "neutral fact" in 1936 during the Spanish Civil War, which, in their telling, may well have been the crucible of "fake news" in the West -- battles reported where there were none; battles not reported where they took place, all to advance the communist ideological agenda. This is also discussed in American Betrayal. 

I have thought about the many Big Lies put over the America people by the US government -- also  discussed in American Betrayal. Here we come closer to a more solid comparison, especially once we examine wartime information control by the federal government as not only a weapon against our foreign enemies (and to kowtow to our "ally" the USSR) but also -- and here is where we really get into American betrayal -- to control the attitudes of the US population to keep them in line with Party line. Indeed, unmasking the Soviet and communist connections of numerous key persons working for the US Office of War Information led me to rename it the Office of Soviet War Information. 

Here's where I am coming down: Today's news blackout on election fraud news most closely approximates wartime censorship by a government.

Of course, Donald Trump is the official head of state and our news media are not official organs of the state.

That doesn't change a thing in terms of orchestration and effect. Someone or something else seems to have the finger on command and control of vital assets. I am thinking this is the someone or something or committee or country that stopped the vote-counting in five states on Election Night 2020 to create the fraudulent Biden "win." 

We are at war with an enemy we cannot identify. We are struggling with a news blackout maintained by our own "eyes and ears." The FBI and other police and justice organizations are protecting that enemy, who is being aided and abetted by most of our democratically elected officials, and legalized to date by our courts.

We are pretty far gone, it is true.

That said, I don't for a minute believe we are out. I stay away from Active Measure Media to avoid the endless assaults on reality and morale. I keep tracking the ever-growing proof of fraud produced by America's best and brightest patriots. I keep thanking our lucky stars for the exceptional heroism of Donald "Fight On" Trump. I keep remembering the fact that there are so many more of MAGA us than Swampy them.

With enough prayer, luck and courage, Trump's second term is still ours for the making.

But then we really have to drain the Swamp.








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