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Jan 5

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, January 05, 2021 3:48 AM 

Not second place: What Georgia looked like last night from Air Force One 


All caveats aside, here goes a first and only draft of what I think is going on in Georgia, not that I know, but who does?

Some people know. Some people know exactly what is going on. Some people already know the outcome of the obviously rigged Senate run-off race in Georgia, which is happening, or, rather, let's say, finalizing today. Why "obviously rigged"? Because the state government led by the odiosities in charge, Gov. Brian Kemp and SecState Brad Raffensperger, did nothing to fix the state's obviously fraudulent election system.

I can guess, though. I think Kelly Loeffler will win. Why? Because last night, even as President Trump was rallying for her long blonde sorry self in a stadium packed as only Trump can pack a stadium, Loeffler's husband, Jeffrey Sprecher, chairman of the New York Stock Exchange and chairman or CEO or something of the entity that owns it, reversed a presidential executive order and Treasury Department guidance de-listing three Chinese military tech or communications firms. That's right. These re-listed Chicom military firms remain open for NYSE business.  

I really had to rub my eyes over that story, one of several moving parts shifting in the final hours of Georgia campaiging. In the run-up to last night's Trump rally, "breaking news" told us that Loeffler had finally, last-minute-committed to objecting to fraudulent Biden electors in Congress on January 6 -- a little red meat for MAGA, but what took her so long? Also during the day (which I did not connect), there was a spate of stories about the de-listed Chicom companies; then, lo and behold, even as the Georgia rally was still on (I have to underscore that), the NYSE, again chaired by Loeffler's husband, changed its mind and protected the listings of the Chinese companies from the US government.  

I suspect this betrayal of US interests in deference to Beijng will buy Loeffler her seat.


Then again, maybe that last minute stock exchange kowtow won't be enough. Maybe the negotiations that brought the NYSE to this re-listing decision were in themselves enough of a prize, something to blackmail Sprecher et al for the duration. I'm thinking a lot about blackmail lately. It seems hard to deny that Dominion and China and whoever else can deliver an election to whomever they see fit, but why public officials stand by and let it happen is the big mystery, unless they are themselves deeply compromised and under the gun, also literally.

Whatever happens in Georgia today and whatever happens in Washington tommorrow takes place in a black vortex of corruption and at least half the country knows it.


Among the five states where vote-counting stopped when Trump was ahead by a lot only to resume with inexplicable voting anomalies which later, even days later, put Biden ahead by a little, Georgia has taken and held centerstage in the sturm und drang sweepstakes. This has a lot to do with the fact that the stakes remained in play due to today's run-off races, which were undoubtedly affected by the fraud of the Nov 3 election, but (literally) who's counting. 

Does anyone with a pulse believe any of these "official" election results and ongoing races are for real? Georgia's government and election officials refused to acknowledge, let alone investigate and correct, the systemic corruption of its election system, so Georgians (and whoever else claims to be living at 201 Washington St. in Atlanta) are voting with a stacked deck of ballots. We are all of us involuntary participants in a rigged event for Fake News. 

And speaking of Fake News, consider just how quickly the Loeffler and Perdue run-offs became the pivot from the presidential election crisis. Suddenly, there was a convenient place for the Republican Party to rally and rail about "saving the country" while simultaneously cutting itself free of President Trump and his stolen re-election. Our stolen re-election. 

There is no "saving the country" by accepting a fraudulent presidential election no matter what anyone pretends to happen in the Senate race; on the contrary, accepting, protecting, enabling, participating in such a crime is destroying the country. Nonetheless, accepting and endorsing election fraud is exactly what the political parties, the media, the courts, the statehouses are deeply and almost universally engaged in. Mitch McConnell took the leading role on Capitol Hill when on December 15 he conceded each and every one of many election challenges still in progress across the country (and coming to Congress on January 6) to prememptively and prematurely and treacherously congratulate Fraud-elect Biden.

I think the appropriate term for all of the above is treason. 

What drives it? What power coerces it? Let's take another look back at Georgia, which should hereon out be known not as the Peach State but the Fear State.


On December 1, departing Cover-Up General Barr took it on himself to tell the AP, “To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election." 

On December 2, Georgia SecState Raffensperger held a press conference calling on President Trump to stop talking about having been robbed of his re-election by fraud, citing William Barr for back-up.

Also on December 2, Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, having discovered massive evidence of fraud in assembling their own separate election challenges, held a MAGA-style "Stop the Steal" rally in Georgia. During the rally, they made the logical point that Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp ("Lock him up, lock him up" chanted the crowd) needed to call a special session of the Georgia legislature to fix the corrupt state election system that had fraudulently delivered the state to Biden, and before the Senate run-off election scheduled for January 5.  

A media/political tsunami immediately rose against Powell and Wood (not the guarantors of election fraud) for supposedly working to thwart the re-election of Loeffler and Perdue, when in fact what they were/are advocating was an urgently needed election clean-up to protect the veracity of citizens' votes, both on November 3 and in the Senate run-off today.

At 1 am on December 3, a private security firm inside Atlanta's State Farm Arena provided a completely unexpected game-changer to Trump lawyers: the now-notorious surveillance video of unlawful vote-counting. By staying up through the wee hours, Trump campaign lawyers were able to present it to Georgia legislators later in the day. Gov. Kemp would tell Laura Ingraham late in the pm on December 3 that, as Fox reported it, the video "raised raised additional questions and a signature audit should be performed."

Movement? Probably not yet, but pressure was building.

On December 4, at around 10am, a young man named Harrison Deal was killed in what Sidney Powell later called an "unusual car wreck." Deal was not just any 20-year-old victim. Formerly an intern for Senator Perdue, Deal was at the time of his death an aide to Senator Loeffler. He was also the boyfriend of the daughter of Gov. Kemp, who later described Deal as the love of his daughter's life and the son and brother the Kemp family never had. 

The morning he died, Deal was en route to Savannah in advance of a Loeffler campaign event to take place with Vice President Pence. The media and political narrative certify the incident as a terrible accident, although witnesses purportedly have posted on social media that they heard the explosion a mile away. (I can't verify the cut and pasted accounts.)

The pictures alone are sensational.  

Authorities have released minimal information about the wreck --  not even the make and model of the vehicles involved. Two other drivers walked away from the scene with non- or negligible injuries, but they did so anonymously. News accounts carried little more than eulogies about young Deal. 

The photos of the wreckage, captured by passers-by, remain extremely disturbing. 

I asked a retired military officer with extensive experience with bombs for his opinion of the wreckage. His comment based on the photos: "The car damage doesn't appear to be from a vehicle accident. It appears to have been from an explosive device."   

Enter Georgia Bureau of Investigation? Yes, no, maybe. The GBI Twitter account admits only to having performed a "routine autopsy" on the young man. But according to a Facebook "fact-checker" interview with GBI Director and Kemp appointee Vic Reynolds, "a team of GBI bomb experts took a close look at Deal's car, which exploded when it collided with another vehicle ... They found no evidence of a bomb."

On December 5, the morning after Deal's death, President Trump called Gov. Kemp. Kemp to ask him to call a special  legislative session. Kemp refused. That same night, Trump traveled to Georgia for a  rally for Loeffler and Perdue. 

December 7: "Kemp doubles down on refusal to call election-focused special session."

Don't bother wondering if there might have been any possible connection. Also on December 7, Facebook "fact checker" Lead Stories posts: "NO Evidence Fatal Car Crash Was A Message For Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp 'To Get Back In Line'"

I should note that Lead Stories is owned by Facebook, Google and the Chinese entity Byte Dance, owner of Tik Tok.

While I wasn't aware of Kemp's maneuvering and Facebook's  "fact-check" on December 7, I tweeted the following:

On December 8, Harrison Deal's body would be transported "by local officials and family members" from the GBI crime lab in Pooler, GA, to a funeral home (owned by his father) in Statesboro.

Also on December 8 

Pooler Police Public Information Officer Lindsey Heintzman said Deal was traveling on the interstate around 10 a.m. Friday when a flatbed truck hauling black plastic tubing struck his vehicle from behind. The impact caused Deal’s vehicle to crash into a third vehicle, Heintzman said. Deal’s vehicle caught fire and he died as a result of the crash. Heintzman said the fire “affected the other vehicles” but neither of the other two drivers was seriously injured.

Heintzman said the investigation “could take weeks, even months, to complete.”

Let's pick up this morbid chronology with another unusual death in Georgia, one which I first saw by chance on Twitter from a brand new account which, judging by its scant activity since, may well have been started to make the following chatter public:


This was chilling to read, and I have tried to ascertain whether there was any truth to it.

It is true that on December 14, GBI special agent James David O'Sullivan was reported to have died at his home in Statesboro, Georgia. He was 51.

On December 15, Mitch McConnell made his stunning concession on behalf of state legislators, legal teams, foundations, and the President of the United States, agreeing to accept Fraud-elect Biden before the election challenge process was in any way complete.

Also on December 15, this:

Escort for James O'Sullivan? Was O'Sullivan investigating Harrison Deal's accident? What was O'Sullivan's cause of death?

According to GBI Director Vic Reynolds, O'Sullivan died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound but, as in the Harrison Deal wreck earlier in the month, public information is scanty. 

O'Sullivan was a crime scene specialist; and he worked a district of Georgia that included the scene of Deal's demise. 

On December 16, I tweeted the following:


The reaon it got so many retweets is because Lin Wood retweeted it.

On December 17, Lead Stories intervened again in its typically crude effort to quash questions and all curiosity born of the lingering horror over Georgia corruption and misery: "fact check" by fiat.

According to the Facebook-Google-Beijing-owned arbiter, there are no and cannot be any  connections, implications, knitting these events together in any way; everything is just hunky dory. Well, not hunky dory. Young Harrison Deal died in a fiery unconnected "accident" on December 4; Special Agent O'Sullivan died without implications by his own hand, GBI says, 10 days later. The Governor and Secretary of State continue denying and stonewalling election fraud, whle the US Senate candidates have failed to press for statewide election security before their own insecure run-off elections. Oh, but there is absolutely no election fraud in Georgia, either. so what is everyone worried about?



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