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Jan 9

Written by: Diana West
Saturday, January 09, 2021 5:54 AM 


This is a different kind of revolution; overthrowing the president last and at the peak of his political popularity -- a popularity of an intensity that is unique in modern history and probably never exceeded.  

But except for the People who grew to love him more and more -- yes, love him, and what poliitician ever in a million years heard chants of "We love you! We love you!" from crowds larger than rock stars' --  Trump has been alone in Washington, surrounding himself with flimsily-veiled vipers, and from the start. Starting before Inauguration Day 2017 forward, Trump had no foundation or power base inside Washington. His power was always outside Washington, from sea to shining sea, where by dint of infinite charisma and belief in America and America first, he raised the near-dead host and remnant republic to a never-expected point of rennaissance.

Of course, the Swamp hated him for this and more, for interupting the smooth, Republican-Democrat-powered glide of America into technocratic slavery by resurrecting the lost building blocks of our nationhood. They had to destroy him and this threat he posed to their power and criminality, and embarked on a desperate series of efforts to force him from office in collusion with all of the propaganda organs calling themselves free press and tyrannical social media.

It is a monumental testament to President Trump and the American people that none of these nefarious plots worked! We, the People, saw through everything to the essential man and re-elected him by a landslide. The 2020 election was a great triumph against the forces of tyranny. We should still be giddy celebrating our spectacular victory.

But then came The Big Steal and the post-election crisis, eight weeks, give or take, of continuous warfare, mainly psychological "war-is-peace"-warfare, waged in the courts and statehouses and online, all of it covered-for and covered-up-for but never covered by the major and minor propaganda organs. The whole, hulking, shrieking anti-Trump conspiracy in all of its various guises was finally moving toward victory; but even then the key states in the Union were simultaneously moving toward decertification of the fraudulent Biden electors. Ladies and gentlemen, this was, in fact, a cliffhanger on the morning of January 6. 

Who seized the day on January 6? That is, who planned the Capitol op? I find it next to impossible to believe this was sheer spontaneous and unorganized genius to seize upon the "spontaneous" "breach" of the Capitol (please watch the videos of guards letting people in before they disappear and Rudy Giuliani discussing the facts that indicate provacateurs engaged in preplanning) as "domestic terrorism" and thus transform this day of shame and total perfidy against the People by their elected representatives into a failed "insurrection" by Donald Trump and his "mob" against "democracy."   

It is a Big Lie and it was spun up to cover the BIggest Lie of all: the Biden Election, as formalized by Congressional seal on January 6-7, 2021, the most shameful day and night in American history. It is a day President Trump told us to remember forever, and so we must, even as the newest information warriors now fight to fill our minds with disinformation about it and all what we have just lived through. 

It is quite simple. Remember January 6 as the day when Vice President Mike Pence knifed President Donald J Trump in the back and killed the nation.


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