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Jan 12

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, January 12, 2021 5:29 AM 

Watch independent journalist Masako Ganaha break down the climactic video of the Capitol operation, moments before and after Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed woman, Trump supporter, Air Force war veteran, is shot while attempting to climb through a broken-out window. Babbitt later died of her wound. 

Watch and share it quickly, because I expect it to be "taken down" by Youtube any minute.

Here is a more macro analysis of Antifa tactics on display at the Capitol by Michael Yon.

UPDATE: 9:13am

In other appalling news:


1. Banks are now severing ties with Donald Trump "in the wake of his supporters' assault on the U.S. Capitol." 

See how this historic psyop is more than just a pivot away from #TheBigSteal (now a verboten hashtag, along with #1984, I kid you not). That was just the first stage. The "assault on the Capitol" -- Arnold Schwartenegger likened it to "Kristallnacht" and Meghan McCain wants those responsible sent to Guantanamo Bay -- is jumpstarting the Great Reset by taking on a quasi-religious significance as  the New Original Sin of the New World Order.

2. Not just banks, and not just President Trump.

3. I could spend all day cataloguing the far too gently named Cancel Culture -- which is in fact better understood as the New Purges. The communist-front-Left is eliminating the political opposition, now that it has canceled law itself.

4. Insult & betrayal to injury: "Netanyahu removes Trump from his Twitter banner photo." 

5. More of same: PGA withdrew the 2022 championship tournament from its scheduled venue, Trump's Bedminster golf course. The Women's PGA tournament played there in 2017.

Care to let the PGA know what you think about its heel-clicking corruption? Drop a line here:

PGA of America Headquarters

100 Avenue of the Champions

Box 109601 Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410-9601

6. CIA/Bezos/Post messaging the "deprogramming" of "Trump cultists" with "consequences" for Trump cultism, etc.


Is that for real? Is anything? 


7. CNN picks up MSNBC messaging and spikes it.  


8. I wouldn't post Pelosi but for the re-surging racism narrative.

UPDATE: 10:46 am

9. Talk about agit prop.

UPDATE: 11:01

10. Just wondering: What is a this man, whom I have heard described as both a "Ukrainian nationalist" and a "pro-Moscow separtist," doing apparently at the US Capitol on Jan 6, and with this (now largely forgotten) first media poster child of the operation?

UPDATE: 11:25 am

11. James O'Keefe's latest brings another iteration of the "deprogramming" movement, this time from PBS principal counsel Michael Beller who spoke of "re-education camps" and "enlightenment camps" where children would watch PBS all day.

A couple of days ago, ABC News political director posted a tweet about "cleansing the [Trump] movement" and deleted it. He should have waited.  



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