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Jan 17

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, January 17, 2021 2:32 AM 

All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force. 

-- attributed to George Orwell


By rights, by laws, by elections, by facts, by courts, by states, by both houses of Congress, we should on this Sunday before Inauguration Day be practically tired of winning. We should be almost past the initial waves of giddiness and relief that should have carried us through the shank of 2020 as we congratulated ourselves and our neighbors on the glorious fact that on November 3, American voted themselves "Trump country," re-electing the president in a historic landslide.

This was not just a landslide for Donald Trump and the American people; it was an even greater landslide against the criminal gangs leading the Deep State from the depths of the Swamp; the same anti-democratic forces that waged their dirty war on Trump and the voters who sent him to Washington for the past five years. Trump's triumph proved not only that he had forged a unique bond with supporters of his America First agenda, but that not even round-the-clock brain-washing by Big Tech & Media could break it; that not even unceasing plots and operations against Donald J. Trump could break him. On November 3, 2020, the rolling coup d'etat by globalists against the America First president was once and for all shattered into smithereens by a Deplorable Nation.

It was an epic victory. Remember that.

Then came the big steal. Five swing states suspended vote-counting in the middle of the night -- unthinkable, unprecendented -- and the media declared Biden-Harris the winners to the silence = complicity approval of every political, government, legal, religious, and cultural institution that should have clamored for free and fair elections for all. Two long hard months of choking, suffocating psyops by the Deep State followed to undo that landslide for Trump -- "baseless claims of voter fraud" is still the mantra --  and destroy all legal and political efforts to unmask the thieves and reclaim the prize. The courts of this land played deaf and dumb; none of the dismissals by judges on "standing" and the like were based on reviews of the evidence (see no evidence, hear no evidence ...). By contrast, and I am grateful for this, state legislatures did not lie down and play dead but held hearings and considered hundreds of sworn affidavits and testimonies claiming widespread lawlessness and multivarious kinds of fraud in the country's elections. 

By the eve of January 6, 2021, the day Congress was to meet to review the Electoral College results, Republicans in half a dozen states had voted alternative "dueling" slates of electors for Trump; over one hundred legislators from contested states had additionally made written requests to GOP leaders for more time to process emerging evidence of election fraud. Rudy Giuliani later reported that legislatures in four contested states were on the brink of re-certifying their electors for Donald Trump, thus reclaiming not only Trump's second term but our right as American citizens to self-determination. In Congress itself, over one hundred House members led by Rep. Mo Brooks and about a dozen Senators lead by Sens. Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz had promised to meet the Constitutional requirements permitting challenges to contested Electoral College results in certain swing states. 

By the morning of January 6, 2021, hundreds of thousands of Americans -- some say millions -- who knew they were being swindled out of their second Trump term had come from across the country to gather on Ellipse near the White House and hear the President of the United States address them on the stolen election of 2020.

At 1 pm, two miles away on Capital Hill, the nation's fate really would hang in the balance. 

What would Congress do? What would Vice President Mike Pence, presiding as president of the Senate, do? Would he defile the Constitution and force fraud on the American people?

For those aware of Pence's deep swamp roots, there was only the slimmest hope that naked political opportunism would drive him to permit the states to finish their electoral business, which was not only the right thing to do, but the popular thing -- if, that is, We, the People still mattered.  

We, the People, did not. If We did, the election wouldn't have been stolen in the first place. 

Vice President Pence stabbed not only President Trump but the nation in the back when, even before President Trump had finished speaking, Pence released his plan to certify the Biden-Harris electors, including those from still-contested states, thereby enabling and endorsing a new American tyranny. He permitted challenges during the joint session, but they were doomed to be pro forma. 

Congress had suspended the American people.

Everything that has happened in this country since, one manufactured crisis after another (discussed on my Patreon channel here and with Anna Khait here) is designed to justify and further our descent into tyranny.

We have entered very dark uncharted territory.

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