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Jan 23

Written by: Diana West
Saturday, January 23, 2021 7:09 AM 

The hunt is on. We are all quarry now. Jackal media and hyena politicians, tasting first blood in their next victim, and their next, and their next, are in full cry, tearing to pieces all opponents of the Coup that installed the Biden-Harris gang through clanging, high decibel Big Lies, one after another after another.

I woke up this morning with a set of yesterday's victims in mind to write about today; before I could get to them, I found a brand new one, unearthed by the New York Times, and run to ground by the bloodthirsty, regime-approved voices of Twitter. I had to take note.

His name is Jeffrey Clark, Justice Department civil division chief. His crime? The New York Times inversion of events (by no stretch a "news" report) is lengthy but the lead will suffice: Clark "devised a plan with President Donald J. Trump to oust Jeffrey A. Rosen as acting attorney general and wield the department’s power to force Georgia state lawmakers to overturn its presidential election results." 

Hard and copious evidence of election fraud to steal Georgia from Donald Trump and state efforts led by Gov Brian Kemp to cover it up are not merely erased here; they are disguised and made hideous as "conspiracy theories" and "false election claims." It follows, then, that Jeffrey Clark and President Trump were pushing same, thus attempting to "devise," "oust," "wield," "overturn." In fact (a state of rhetorical grace unknown to media agit prop agents), Clark and President Trump were attempting to devise, oust, wield and restore the people's right to self-determination, as lawfully executed in Georgia on November 3 and subsequently overturned by fraud. 

Big difference. So big it overcomes any Big Lie, which is why it has to be denied and its propenents destroyed. The NYT having driven Clark into the the open, the "blue checks" -- big tech censor faves -- smell blood and are baying for his head. From just a small sample of the invective below we get: "scheming" Clark, "the most stunning coup plotter" "should be prosecuted," "should be disbarred and prosecuted" "sedition" -- you get the idea.

The coordinated echo and frenzy of it all has that old time Daily Worker "transmission belt" feel to it. It's the same old hue and cry, amplified and repeated enough to enter into general consciousness as a brain-washed conventional wisdom. Say, I heard Jeffrey Clark be prosecuted for sedition along with that riot-inciter and coup-plotter Donald Trump....

Having had the presidential election stolen from us, we are under an ever-escalating assault now. It is a total war waged from the highest tactical ground, for our minds, our memories, and our consciences.


"...should be prosecuted for conspiracy to commit election fraud.  Now."

"We must demand accountability for Jeffrey Clark’s complicity."

Other things to know about Jeffrey Clark, the scheming DOJ lawyer here:

— It took 16 months for the GOP Senate to confirm him

— A year ago, he was found to have been practicing law without a license

— He represented BP in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill

"SEDITION: Trump plotted with Jeffrey Clark—acting head of DOJ’s civil division—to oust & replace Acting AG Rosen & wield DOJ’s power to force #Georgia lawmakers to overturn its election results.

"DOJ department heads then said they’d QUIT in protest."

"...Jeffrey Clark, who the NYT now reports was the most stunning coup planner in Trump's entourage, is of course a Federalist Society contributor, & a serial speaker at their events."

This article shows:

-Jeffrey Clark is a bad person.

-The former President became increasingly desperate as his attempts to overturn the election failed.

-We cannot let any president now or in the future believe that they can act with impunity in order to hold onto power.

"Breaking via NY Times: Jeffrey Clark ... schemed with Trump to oust AG Rosen and wield dept power to force Georgia to overturn election results."

"NYT: Trump plotted with a lawyer named Jeffrey Clark to remove the acting attorney general and replace him with Clark to overturn the Georgia election.

"If this is true, Clark should be disbarred and prosecuted."

"This story is bonkers. Trump seriously flirted with the idea of trying to install himself as dictator."





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